This summer at Capizzi MD, we’re focused on helping you feel your best beach self – all year round. Just like it’s important to be comfortable in your bikini, it’s also important to be comfortable with your “Boost Your Bust” procedure. From breast augmentation to breast reduction, from breast lift to fat enhancement, my team and I are committed to helping you understand your bikini-friendly options and select the procedure that best fits your needs, lifestyle and desired results.

Every procedure I perform is guided by the Capizzi Method™. By choosing to use the least invasive method possible, I offer my patients shorter recovery time and optimal pain-management post-surgery. My patients can shower the day after their breast procedure and can even head back to work within 48 hours. And for those worried about missing time by the pool or lake this summer, know that most patients can enjoy the sun, surf, and sand within two weeks of surgery. In other words, don’t let the thought of a long, painful recovery stop you from pursuing any boost your bust procedures during the summer months – because at Capizzi, M.D., it just isn’t the case!

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is my core specialty. It is also one of the most popular operations for women. If you are looking to combat the loss of breast fullness and symmetry due to common life changes such as aging or pregnancy, breast augmentation can help increase your breast volume and overall bust appearance.

Breast Reduction

Sometimes Mother Nature blesses you with a bit too much to live with. For women desiring to reduce the volume of their breasts, a mammoplasty, or breast reduction, can be an excellent option. This lifesaving operation can help alleviate years of physical pain, self-consciousness, and fatigue.

Breast Lift

Sagging, drooping or deflated breasts can significantly affect a woman’s appearance and self-esteem. Rid yourself of those self-conscious thoughts while at the beach and opt for a breast lift. Whether you’re looking for a mini or full breast life, you can be assured that your bust will be raised and reshaped, reviving your breast’s firmness and perkiness — talk about a confidence boost!

Fat Enhancements

Fat enhancement injections, also known as fat grafting, can offer a subtle, less invasive solution compared to implants. These injections require taking fat from another area on the body — thigh, buttocks, or abdomen — and transferring it to the breasts. Not only will you receive your dream breasts using your own body, but you also benefit from a bit of body contouring at the same time. An added bonus? No incisions.


I’m always on the look-out for the latest innovations to offer my patients, and sometimes, that means knowing when an existing treatment is approved for use in a new area. I’m happy to introduce Kybella as an excellent option for addressing the bra (or bikini) line bulge. Just like Kybella can help tighten excess skin in the neck, the same can be done for you bikini line. By smoothing that extra skin and zapping that bulge, you head out to the beach in full confidence!

Let summer 2017 be your best BUST summer yet. Remember, recovery time can be minimal and you deserve to feel good in your body and in your bikini. My team and I are here to answer your questions about any bust boosting procedures. Don’t wait another day… call and schedule your consultation today!