Breast Reduction

While many women seek cosmetic surgery to enhance their chest size, a balanced and pleasing aesthetic may sometimes require a procedure in the opposite direction. For women in who desire to reduce the volume of their breasts, a mammaplasty, or breast reduction, can be a lifesaving operation that alleviates years of physical pain, self-consciousness and fatigue.

Disproportionately large and heavy breasts can produce strain in the back, neck, shoulders, legs and hips, as well as skin irritation from clothing and bras. Frustrating limitations on participating in athletic activities or being unable to fulfill responsibilities to children or pets represent just a few of the other troubling consequences of pendulous, oversized breasts. It’s important to realize that many women are genetically predisposed to large cup sizes, which means diet and exercise may have little effect. For all these reasons, breast reduction surgery remains one of the most practical and popular solutions.

Breast reduction consultation

Clients regard Dr. Peter Capizzi as the breast reduction surgeon in the state attributing their newfound freedom, levity and sense of relief to his outstanding surgical skill and artistic vision. Dr. Capizzi and his staff offer a discreet, relaxing environment where each woman can explore her options and make the right choices for her goals and lifestyle.

During your consultation, the doctor will listen to your concerns, take your measurements, review your medical records and photos, and make his best recommendations for a successful procedure. Sometimes Dr. Capizzi will suggest a breast lift in conjunction with a breast reduction, especially in cases where childbirth, breastfeeding, age or weight fluctuations have resulted in significant sagging.

Capizzi M.D.

Amazing! I am a 40 year old black american female who really did not believe in cutting on the body but Dr. Felice and his staff were amazing in customer service calling and checking up on you making sure you were OK and satisfied. i was a 32k and desperately needed a reduction and the procedure was swift and recovery better than i thought. I definitely would go back to Dr. Felice if I needed anything done. Oh and my breast are PRETTY! I like want to show them to everybody. I would have never thought that a breast reduction would leave me looking so perky and pretty! Thank you Dr. Felice and staff you guys are great! Best customer service ever!.


What happens during breast reduction surgery?

Dr. Capizzi will choose to perform the best type of procedure for your body after carefully considering your cup size, medical health and goals. Regardless of technique or approach, he will ensure that the resulting mounds are perfectly proportioned and the surrounding skin is taut and smooth. Breast reduction usually takes approximately a couple of hours.

The most common method of breast reduction is to create an incision shaped like an upside-down ‘T’ or anchor, running from the areola down to the crease and along the natural curve of the breast. The doctor will then remove the excess fatty tissue, and begin the process of repositioning the nipple and areola, which may appear stretched or droopy. These flaws are carefully corrected, preserving symmetry and parity, safeguarding breast sensation, and taking care to create an overall pleasing outcome.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Mammoplasty techniques

Dr. Capizzi may also consider the LeJour (short-scar), Hall-Findlay, and SPAIR, which eliminate the incision at the crease, or the circumareolar and crease procedure, which eliminates the vertical incision. Additionally, the doctor sometimes recommends liposuction, which trims fatty underarm tissue, improving the overall contour and attractiveness of the breasts.

Preparing for surgery

It’s important to prepare for your procedure carefully to achieve the best results and accelerate healing. Here is a short checklist for you to follow:

  • Discontinue the use of creams or lotions on the areas of your body near the surgery site (breasts, shoulders, neck etc).
  • Choose a friend or family member as a designated driver on the day of your procedure. You will not be permitted to drive yourself home after exposure to anesthesia.
  • Choose clothing that is loose and comfortable, preferably a button-down blouse or sweater.


Although recovery will vary from client to client, Dr. Capizzi’s breast reduction patients are usually overjoyed with their results immediately following the surgery. The doctor and his exemplary staff will tailor your recovery plan to your lifestyle, your outcomes and your wishes. It is advisable to rest for the first few days, avoiding any strain or lifting and engaging only in light activity. Drains are rarely used. If a drain is utilized, it can be removed within 7-10 days. Stitches will dissolve in around 30 days. After surgery, you may experience some tenderness or even lack of sensitivity in the nipple. This is normal and almost always temporary, and sensation will return in a matter of weeks. As always, Dr. Capizzi and his trusted team are on hand to guide you through the entire recovery process, ensuring your complete comfort and peace of mind.

Patient Stories

Having been through the Capizzi experience, these patients can help you understand the smoothness of the journey.