Practice Philosophy

The Patient-Doctor Bond:

The relationship between a plastic surgeon and his or her patients requires a delicate balance of trust, understanding and confidence. The patient relies on the doctor to listen carefully to his or her goals, wishes, concerns, fears and desired outcomes, transforming this information into a natural, authentic-looking and personalized result that will stand the test of time.

Often a client has been planning and researching their procedure for months, if not years, and desires to invest in a plastic surgeon who is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but who truly has their best interests and well-being at heart. No one is more qualified to provide this kind of patient-doctor synergy than Dr. Capizzi, who for almost 20 years has achieved unparalleled success in meeting his clients’ highest standards, both inside and outside the operating room.

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Office Atmosphere:

Dr. Capizzi is known for immediately setting clients at ease with his warm, compassionate smile, kind words and down-to-earth demeanor. The anxiety some new patients feel when they walk into the office quickly evaporates and is replaced with hopeful excitement over embarking on a life-changing journey of personal change and improvement. Dr. Capizzi always strives to work in partnership with his patients, and as such, his unflinching integrity and honesty demands that he will never recommend a procedure he doesn’t believe in; however, there is virtually no plastic surgery procedure that he is not uniquely skilled and qualified to perform in order to achieve the client’s dream results.

Patient Stories

Having been through the Capizzi experience, these patients can help you understand the smoothness of the journey.

Your First Visit:

Drawing on his vast expertise, extensive library of before and after photographs, Dr. Capizzi spends as much time in consultation as is needed to ensure that a patient’s expectations are realistic. For some, this often means a physical aesthetic that far exceeds their imagination, as Dr. Capizzi — a double board-certified surgeon whose artistry has made him one of the most sought-after professionals in North Carolina — has a reputation for being on the forefront of the latest, cutting edge developments in the plastic surgery industry, whether that applies to Gummy Bear implants, tummy tucks, facial makeovers or body contouring.


Aftercare is an important component of Dr. Capizzi’s practice, and he remains in close contact with patients as they recover, continuing to answer questions and provide support. This holistic, full-circle approach is why so many clients form long-term relationships with Dr. Capizzi, returning to him for all their future procedures.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

The Capizzi Method

Created by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Capizzi, the Capizzi Method™ is an approach to providing world-class cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments and procedures to ensure patients achieve optimal results.s receive the highest quality of care, with exceptional results.

The Capizzi Method utilizes three main steps:

  1. Readying skin and body in advance of procedures for best results
  2. Optimal care during surgery and aesthetic therapies
  3. Holistic post-procedure care

Examples of the Capizzi Method in action:

Step One: Readying skin and body in advance for best results

  • Dr. Capizzi meets with every patient to assess not just the areas under consideration for procedures, but to take a holistic look at their lives at that moment. His mission: that each patient undergoes the procedure that best helps them meet their goals, at the right time in their lives.
  • For example, Dr. Capizzi’s Mommy Makeovers are designed for healthy, active patients; for those patients who are committed to making any lifestyle changes needed for optimal results, a weight loss program is among the services offered by the CapizziMD practice.
  • Another example is micro needling, a procedure that is used to treat laxity and textural skin problems such as wrinkles and acne scars, Dr. Capizzi recommends derma planing, a quick exfoliation procedure with no down time, to best prepare the skin.

Step Two: Optimal care during surgery and aesthetic therapies

  • Dr. Capizzi’s surgical technique ensures optimal pain management post-surgery. Because he uses the least invasive method for both breast surgery and liposuction, patients are often surprised to find that ibuprofen will meet their pain management needs!
  • In any procedure, the patient’s comfort is kept top of mind – for example, Dr. Capizzi has developed a drainless tummy tuck procedure that has cut the rate of needed drains in half in his practice.
  • Dr. Capizzi’s surgical motto: operate meticulously– attention to detail increases patient satisfaction and recovery.

Step Three: Holistic post-procedure care

  • The CapizziMD staff will call the patient the day of their surgery, as well as the following day, and are available for calls over weekends.
  • Within the first few days following implant surgery, patients receive a lymphatic massage, to help speed recovery.
  • Dr. Capizzi’s post-operative scar defense for breast surgery and tummy tucks is highly effective – he uses Embrace, a specialized silicone sheet that remains on for ten days, even through bathing.

In all, the Capizzi Method offers patients a continuum of care, to ensure that his patients receive the highest quality of care, with exceptional results.

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