The winter holiday season has arrived, and with it, a bevy of social events. Similar to swimsuit season, many of us are planning ahead to look our best for the occasion. Whether you’re glamming it up or sticking with a more natural look, radiant skin and a trim, healthy physique will help you shine, throughout the holiday season and into the new year. There are procedures and treatments available to help you achieve both, in time for late December’s swath of soirees – and Dr. Peter Capizzi of Capizzi MD, Charlotte, NC’s preeminent medical center for plastic surgery and aesthetics, is sharing his top 3 picks, as well as advice on how to make the most of each procedure.

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“To achieve the best results with any skin or body procedure, prepare in advance – keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated, and don’t skip those workouts – as the key to great results is starting with optimum health,” said Dr. Peter Capizzi. “Also, all of my ‘top 3’ treatments are most effective when administered by Licensed Medical Aestheticians.”

Dr. Peter Capizzi’s Top 3 Recommended Non-Invasive Procedures this Holiday Season:


As its name suggests, COOLSCULPTING® is a clinically tested, FDA-approved procedure that involves freezing the body’s most stubborn fat cells in the belly, buttocks, arms, thighs or back until they disintegrate. It is especially effective for male and female clients who are within a reasonable weight for their frames, but who suffer from unwanted and unsightly body bulging that remains resistant to diet and exercise alone.

COOLSCULPTING® requires no incisions, no extended recovery times and almost no postoperative discomfort. It can therefore be a successful and non-invasive alternative to liposuction under the right circumstances. Patients can usually return to work or school the same day as the procedure. Dr. Capizzi’s patients report noticeable fat reduction within about 3 weeks of their first visit, with the most dramatic results visible at around 3 months. In the hands of a qualified expert such as Dr. Capizzi and his team of cosmetic specialists, the procedure has the potential to radically reform the entire figure in relaxing one-hour sessions with no downtime.


Broad Band Light—or BBL—is an incredible laser that uses targeted light beams to treat brown pigment in the skin (age spots), redness due to broken capillaries, sun damage or rosacea. This laser is known as the Forever Young Laser because studies show that after BBL treatments, the dermal skin cells will continue to increase production of elastin and collagen in the skin, creating a much more youthful appearance. Downtime is virtually non-existent – the patient will experience some redness for 24 hours, but can apply makeup and an SPF the next day and be good to go anywhere.

Rejuvapen (micro needling)

Micro needling is a procedure that is used to treat laxity and textural skin problems such as wrinkles and acne scars. Dr. Capizzi uses Rejuvapen to create tiny perforations in the skin. These tiny perforations harness the skins own capacity for healing and increases skin firmness and overall radiance. As with BBL, downtime is minimal – there will be some redness and dryness for a few days following treatment, but easily covered by makeup and an SPF.


About Dr. Peter Capizzi, M.D.

A nationally renowned, widely published leader in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Peter J. Capizzi is regarded as the preeminent choice for surgeries of the breast and body, in addition to facial anti-aging and other cosmetic procedures including COOLSCULPTING® and Mommy Makeovers. He has performed over 7,000 breast augmentations, with a patient satisfaction rate of over 90 percent, including over 1,700 of the innovative “Gummy Bear” shaped implants.

Dr. Capizzi is frequently recruited by world-class institutions, to author professional papers and as an investigator for FDA trials. Dr. Capizzi completed his plastic surgery training at the renowned Mayo Clinic and is double-board certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery. Since 2012, he has been named “Charlotte’s Top Doctor” annually, based on peer surveys, by Charlotte Magazine.