Our skin is not only our largest but also our most protective organ; it is also a map of our years on this earth, documenting our joys as well as our struggles. When we’re young, we take our vibrant, supple skin for granted. As we get older, however, we begin to truly appreciate this precious coat of constantly changing cells and take our first steps towards its preservation and care. From our forehead to our toes, our skin deserves our attention.

That’s why at Capizzi MD, you will find the most advanced, age-defying skincare treatments in the cosmetic industry, administered by our team of expertly trained nursing team and Licensed Medical Aestheticians. Dr. Capizzi and his outstanding team strive to not only meet but also exceed the aesthetic goals of each and every client that enters the practice. Below you will find a brief overview of our most popular and effective skin care procedures.


Signature Facials

Each Signature Facial offers an elevated med-spa experience with remarkable results. Each facial pampers you with your goals in mind. Experiencing winter dryness? Breakouts? Or want to fight the effects of aging? We will tailor your facial experience to your needs. Enjoy moist heated towels, extractions, aromatherapy, stem, and our specialized face and hand massage when you book this service with a Licensed Medical Aesthetician.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are very effective treatments for addressing the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. The average patient stops producing collagen in their 20’s and begins to lose about a quarter teaspoon of collagen every year beginning in their late 30’s. This loss of elastin and collagen leads to weak, wrinkled, lax dull skin. Chemical peels remove the top layer of tired skin and stimulate the dermis to improve elasticity and collagen in the skin leading to tighter, brighter and lighter skin.

Chemical peels are also customizable to target skin discoloration, acne, rosacea and excessively oily or dehydrated skin. We offer three levels of chemical peel that range from light epidermal stimulation with zero downtime to deep dermal stimulation with 5 to 7 days of noticeable exfoliation. Our highly trained and licensed medical aestheticians will customize an effective peel program based on each patient’s unique needs. Our goal is always to improve the overall health and beauty of your skin. If you are looking for one chemical peels, look no further than Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare.

Laser Treatments

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a great alternative to waxing, shaving, or other methods of removing hair from your body. In just a few treatments, our patients notice a significant difference in the amount of hair in the area. Our providers are all specially trained to provide laser hair removal with our Candela GentleMax Pro system. This FDA-approved device can treat a wide range of clients with all skin types.

Laser Photo Rejuvenation and Stretch Mark Treatment

Laser photo rejuvenation is a revolutionary treatment offered by Capizzi, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare. Laser photo rejuvenation eliminates pigment changes caused by sun exposure: sun spots, age spots, freckles, melasma; removes/lightens stretch marks, and improves skin structure by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. This treatment is part of our full lift or tummy tuck packages because of the way it helps to rebuild tissue and skin structure.

Laser Vein Removal

Laser vein removal is an easy, fast, and effective way to treat superficial veins that you can see under your skin. This is a common occurrence that happens with age or pregnancy. These visible spider veins can be a source of low self-esteem and can cause people to avoid wearing clothing they used to love, or avoid social situations. Through laser vein removal, our providers are able to erase those unsightly veins in order to bring confidence and freedom back into your life.

IPL and BroadBand Light Treatments

BBL (BroadBand Light), also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), is a laser light treatment that targets pigment issues, such as brown spots, sun damage and red spots, and Rosacea. The bright light passes through the epidermis, drawing out the pigment producing cells and dispersing the uneven pigment. BBL/IPL can be used on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back arms, legs and just about anywhere else. This is also an effective treatment for broken veins and spider veins.

MicroLaser Peel

A MicroLaserPeel removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. It provides superior results because it can be administered with a very specific depth to meet the goals of each patient. This treatment is performed in our office, under the care of an experienced Capizzi MD provider.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.

Skincare Products:

ZO Skin Health Solutions

Daily use products, sunscreens, and more
Dr. Zien Obagi has a reputation for advancing the science of skincare. ZO Skin Health is an easy-to-use preventative skincare solution. It’s age-defying and therapeutic.

Alastin: Recover, Restore, Rejuvenate

The Alastin Skincare line uses TriHex technology to renew skin health for a vibrant youthful appearance. Their flagship products are specially formulated to volumize and lift aging skin. At Capizzi, MD, our Licensed Medical Aestheticians use Alastin products to conclude every service and stimulate recovery for our patients as well as protect their skincare investment.

LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancer

LATISSE® has been FDA-approved for increasing length, fullness and deep, rich color in the eyelashes. Applied daily over the course of twelve weeks, most users (90%) see phenomenal results. We are pleased to now offer Latisse in a larger 5 ml size for our patients.

HA5 Lip Plumping System

This is a two-step treatment clinically proven to plump the appearance of lips, while still providing the hydration and smoothing benefits of the original HA5 Hydrator. This is safe for all skin types, and is used as a lip treatment during any of our facials or chemical peels.

Patient Stories

Having been through the Capizzi experience, these patients can help you understand the smoothness of the journey.

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