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One of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgery regards recovery time. That question is especially important for someone considering surgery this time of year. “How long will be I out of action? Will I miss Black Friday Sales? Can I still host the New Year’s Eve party?”

The short answer is that NOW is actually a great time of the year for breast augmentation surgery. While there is no “typical” surgery – every patient is unique – in most instances, Dr. Capizzi’s patients resume normal activity about 48 hours after surgery.

Sutures dissolve and any surgical tape is removed 7-10 days following surgery. Happily, during this two-week period, women usually resume full activity – even exercise. Just ask Jamie, one of Dr. Capizzi’s breast augmentation surgery patients. The day after surgery, Jamie hiked the Appalachian Trail. This, of course, was not doctor’s orders, but Jamie said that’s how good she felt.

So why do Dr. Capizzi’s patients recover so quickly?

According to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation patients should resume activity at the direction of their surgeon. We agree. For Dr. Capizzi’s patients, that’s usually pretty quickly. Quicker recovery times are directly related to the skill of your surgeon. Dr. Capizzi’s technique is very precise and expert. Dr. Capizzi minimizes the surgical site with a no-larger-than-necessary incision and a compact pocket that holds the implant securely in place. This results in a more natural look with less pain and faster healing.

Jamie, real patient
Monica, real patient

Dr. Capizzi is quick to note that his patients are the best – discerning and well informed. They spend a good deal of time investigating breast augmentation options online. They often consulted with other surgeons before discovering Dr. Capizzi. As an example, when it came time for Monica’s breast implant revision surgery, she wanted it “done right.” Her OB/GYN suggested Dr. Capizzi. This busy mother of two did her research, met with Dr. Capizzi and did not hesitate to schedule surgery. Monica was particularly pleased with her recovery time, which she said only took days, compared to months of recovery with her first surgery.

If you’re like most breast augmentation patients, you’ve been thinking and dreaming about this surgery for a while now. Maybe it’s even on your Christmas wish list. If so, know that scheduling a surgery in December will hardly put a crimp in holiday festivities as long as you’ve got a highly skilled surgeon, like Dr. Capizzi. It’s not too late to call for a personal consultation.