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All of the women featured on this website are real women and real patients of Dr. Capizzi. Each is a true beauty in her own right, unique and individual. Yet, these women share some common denominators: they seek the very best medical care, they have a vision of an improved appearance (and are very open to expert advice), and they are attracted to a natural look. Dr. Capizzi’s patients are driven by a desire to be their best selves. Dr. Capizzi is here to help!


Jessica is kinetic energy. She is always on the move. Not surprisingly, she ran track and field at Clemson, competing in the heptathlon (you’ll be Googling that one!). Today, it’s still a challenge to keep up with Jessica, now on the cusp of 26. Wife, mother and busy IT executive, Jessica captivated judges at the 2012 Mrs. North Carolina pageant, where she came in first (okay, it’s usually the natural order of things for Jessica). Jessica wanted to go from an A to a C, a bit of a reverse order for this overachiever. We’re talking bra-cup size. Jessica wanted more breast volume and fullness to match her tall, lean and athletic shape. She chose saline. “I would only do this with Dr. Capizzi,” Jessica says. “He’s the best. He even won the approval of my mother – no small thing!


Ruthie’s energy and determination are a source of inspiration to everyone at Dr. Capizzi s office. She is a breast reconstruction patient.


Breast implant surgery had been on Aleshia’s wish list for quite a while. She’s a busy wife and mom (two boys). Aleshia knew the time was “now,” when she met Dr. Capizzi.


Maeve immigrated to North Carolina via New York City. She loves living in the Lake Norman area. She says one of her best discoveries has been Dr. Capizzi’s Birkdale Village office. She’s a fan of Dr. Capizzi’s skin care services. Maeve just glows (inside and out). We’ll share her secrets soon.


Jami is in love. With life and her fiancé. As a single mom and a professional working woman, when Jami decided the time was right for breast augmentation, research and due diligence brought her to Dr. Capizzi. “I work in healthcare. I did my homework. I know I found the best,” she says. Jamie wanted to move to a D-cup to match her statuesque, nearly-six-foot frame. She also wanted a natural, but full profile. Silicone implants were right for Jamie. The day after surgery, Jamie hiked the Appalachian Trail. “This was not doctor’s orders,” Jamie disclaims, “but that’s how good I felt.”


Kismet interrupted. When Christine first met Dr. Capizzi she was very impressed with his knowledge and attentive bedside manner. She intuitively felt he was the surgeon for her. But, a good friend recommended another surgeon. Christine knows how to make big decisions – she manages energy flow – so she did her due diligence and saw her friend’s surgeon as well. Indecision ensued as she weighed pros and cons. She said a prayer. She let it rest. And then she called Dr. Capizzi and said, “let’s go.” So in the end, it really was kismet: the medical decision that felt “meant to be” for Christine. Wife, mother, leader, Christine exudes positive energy and confidence. She’s had one procedure, as she says, “so far!”


Monica’s OB/GYN sent her to Dr. Capizzi for breast implant revision surgery. Her doctor said: “This is the person.” After more investigation and a consultation with Dr. Capizzi, Monica agreed. “It was the time, he was the surgeon and silicone was my choice,” she says. With a 6-year-old daughter ready to set out for kindergarten and a 10-year-old son, Monica and her husband do not foresee more children. “I’m done,” she says. On the matter of the breast revision, Monica is equally unequivocal: “I’m not going to do this again. I want it done right this time.” Today she is delighted with the results. And, as a busy mom, she was especially pleased with the recovery time. “My original surgery took months of recovery. With Dr. Capizzi it was days. I’m very, very happy.”


Amanda has a wonderful quiet confidence, a winning smile and a fabulous figure. Her breast implant surgery journey will resonate with so many women. Consider this your preview of coming attractions!


Chivonne seems to miss what’s apparent to just about everyone else. And that is, that she’s gorgeous. The day this photo was taken, Chivonne had been up since 3 a.m. with her under-the-weather 9-month-old daughter. The camera doesn’t lie. Even sleep deprived, Chivonne sparkles and glows. But, she’s not the kind of woman who takes things for granted. Chivonne looks to Dr. Capizzi’s expert clinicians for customized skin care procedures and products to prevent premature aging. She says her strategy is a good diet, lots of water, exercise and “as much uninterrupted sleep I can get with a toddler.” As for other procedures, Chivonne says: “Me? Well, when and if I’m ready for more, I’ll know who I’ll call: Dr. Capizzi.


When Dr. Capizzi put out a call for patients to participate in the practice photo shoot, Jenni was among the first to put her hand up. This patient did her research when searching for a Plastic Surgeon. She had looked at every Doctor in the Charlotte region and she did not want to compromise on the quality and skill set of the Plastic Surgeon. After years of research and preparing herself both emotionally and financially, she chose Dr. Capizzi. We are happy that Jenni chose Capizzi M.D. and we are glad that she is happy with her results and her experience.

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