+graceStillwater12-13-48_originalEvery group has a culture. Even Stillwater Plastic Surgery. An important element in the Stillwater culture is the commitment to continuous learning. It starts with Dr. Capizzi. Expertly trained and credentialed, Dr. Capizzi has earned every board certification possible. He’s often on the podium at national plastic surgeon meetings. He publishes papers in the field’s leading scientific journals. Dr. Capizzi mentors young surgeons and is often tapped to lead preceptorships, clinical sessions to support ongoing training among established surgeons.

The Stillwater culture of service and continuous learning does not stop with Dr. Capizzi. That’s why we’re particularly proud to announce that Stillwater R.N. Grace Anglin is in training for her Nurse Practitioner degree.

A Nurse Practitioner (or N.P.) is earned through advanced coursework and clinical education beyond that of the generalist Registered Nurse. Grace Anglin is a great asset to Stillwater today – with a fine mind, a caring heart and excellent nursing skills. With her N.P. degree, Grace becomes an even more important part of Dr. Capizzi’s team.

As an N.P., Grace will offer more service and expertise to patients, especially breast reconstruction patients. Grace will assist Dr. Capizzi in the operating room, in the hospital, and participate with greater expertise in pre- and post-operative care. Dr. Capizzi is a national leader in breast reconstruction surgeries. Grace will assist with Dr. Capizzi’s breast reconstruction studies so that other surgeons – and ultimately, patients – can benefit from Dr. Capizzi’s experience.

Congratulations to future N.P. Grace Anglin, an increasingly important part of the Stillwater Plastic Surgery team.