Lina M. Pazos, practicioner at Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery

We are delighted to introduce Lina M. Pazos, Stillwater’s new Medical Practice Director. Lina is a Charlottean by choice – if not by birth – by way of Colombia, South America. Lina is an accomplished professional, wife, mother and yogi. In fact, she first met Dr. Capizzi and his wife Michelle on the mats at Y2 Yoga. In addition to managing day-to-day practice activities, Lina’s main objective will be to develop key strategic initiatives to help Dr. Capizzi’s practice grow .You may expect great things. Lina is a terrific addition to Team Stillwater! Join us for a Q&A with Lina Pazos.

SW: Charlotte is really becoming more of an international city – take you for example! What do you like best about Charlotte?

LINA: Charlotte is growing and evolving. And I love that because I am all about positive change. Even in the time I’ve been here, Charlotte has so much more of what I’ll call spice. By that I mean more culture, more diversity, more energy and more things to do. I love being a part of it.

SW: The world of plastic surgery and aesthetics are quite different in Latin America. Can you help us understand the difference?

LINA: In Latin America, both women and men are more open about having plastic surgery procedures. There is absolutely no shame in wanting to enhance your self-image by looking younger and fitter. Here in the States, there is still a bit of a taboo and I’ll be working on changing that!

SW: Is the overall plastic surgery process different in Latin America?

LINA: Yes, plastic surgery is an experience in Latin America and that means a total premium care package, a one-stop shop, that helps the patient all along the way – research, planning, surgery, post-surgical care, recovery and long-term follow up. Plastic surgery is not an isolated event in Latin America; it’s the start of a long-term relationship.

SW: Do you see things changing in the US?

LINA: Yes, no doubt about it. That’s one of the many reasons I decided to join Dr. Capizzi’s team. There are many opportunities for growth in this industry. This is just the beginning.

SW: What are your first impressions of the practice?

LINA: It’s immediately clear that this is a great practice with a highly skilled and trained team. Everyone’s focus in on the patient – for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This is what leads to great outcomes and a great patient experience.

SW: What are your early impressions of Dr. Capizzi?

LINA: First, Dr. Capizzi is a brilliant surgeon. He is fully committed to excellence in cosmetic surgery. Secondly, Dr. Capizzi is so easy to talk to, so genuine. You might expect that someone with his credentials would be flashy or have an unapproachable attitude. He uses his skills to truly connect with his patientsto better understand their needs and wants.

SW: New people bring new ideas and we’ll look forward to chatting with you about that in the future. For now, as a newcomer, what do you see at Stillwater that will not change?

LINA: Dr. Capizzi and his team’s dedication to great patient care will not change. This commitment is fundamental to the practice.

SW: We know you are a new mom with a young son. What have your learned from your son so far?

LINA: My son is 10-months old, so I’m sure the lessons are just beginning. Already, he’s taught me so much. First, he’s shown me that I totally underestimated the job of mom – with or without a career outside the home. My son has also taught me how passionate I am about my career and what I’ve accomplished. I want to be a great mom and happy professionally. I want my son to see this in me so he can find the same satisfaction as he grows.

SW: You’re a busy wife, mom and professional. How do you unwind?

LINA: For me, it’s all about family, friends and yoga. A nice afternoon with my husband and son can be the best part of the day. Food, wine and conversation with friends are a treat. Yoga keeps me in balance. I’ve been practicing for over 8 years. Namaste for now!