Increase Tissue Strength With Galaflex! No More Bottoming Out!

The most exciting advancement over the past 12 months in our practice has been the development and use of a dissolvable supportive mesh to help hold and support breasts and breast implants.  This product is Galaflex. Galaflex is made from the same material as dissolvable suture and knitted like fabric, it can be draped over a breast for support or used in a shape like a breast cup to support a breast implant.

Capizzi, M.D. is a practice known for excellence in both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery.  Galaflex is less expensive than other animal tissue mesh products such as Strattice and Alloderm.  Galaflex is a non-animal product.  (Strattice is pig skin and Alloderm is cadaveric human dermis.) Galaflex dissolves over 12-18 months and leaves one’s own tissue behind that is noted to be 5 times stronger.

Bottoming out is a known concern of falling breast tissue for women after breast reduction procedures and a known descent for women with large breast implants.  Gravity eventually overcomes tissue strength in these instances and Galaflex has been excellent in providing a potential long term remedy.  It can be used as a simple sheet cut to size or in a 3D Internal Scaffold shaped like a bra cup.  This is our preferred product for lasting results.

Women have been entirely happy with this product as it is predictable, adds stability and security for their youthful refreshed appearance with breast implants.  Contact us and ask about Galaflex if you have breast implants and are concerned about their shape, placement, and appearance. Or learn more about Galaflex – The internal bra here.