Sientra Platinum 20 Warranty for Breast Implants

After 7000 breast implant procedures, I have seen many advances over the past 21 years.  The development of the highly cohesive gel implant (gummy bear) or (5th generation gel) has been the greatest in my career regarding the implant industry.  I was on the ground floor as a co-investigator with Allergan in (2008) and using the softest strongest implants from Sientra (2013).

Today, May 2018, Sientra has doubled down on the most advanced gummy bear breast implants available.  Their new Opus line of highly cohesive gel breast implants are manufactured in Wisconsin by Vesta, a Berkshire Hathaway company.  This FDA approved facility, run by Sientra and manufactured by a Warren Buffet company, is the newest most advanced implant manufacturing facility in the world and makes Sientra one of the most forward-thinking implant companies in the world.

The culmination a brand-new facility, excellent implant design, FDA approval, and U.S. manufacturing has allowed the addition of the new industry leading Sientra Platinum 20 Warranty.  This warranty covers deflation for the life of the implant; grade 3 and 4 contractures, double capsule, and late forming fluid for life.  This warranty also covers testing of capsular fluid and provides financial support for those in need of an exchange within the first 2 years for contracture as well.

Breast implants are a growing part of the practice I provide.  Although we offer and have access to all FDA approved implants on the market, we choose only to use the 5th generation gel because of the enhanced softness, appearance, and strength.  Many of my patients comment on how natural their breasts feel with these implants and the ease of recovery.

At Capizzi, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care, we provide the safest, best products that are the most predictable.  Breast implants, breast augmentation, and breast implant revision are all procedures I have a national reputation for since 1997.   It may cost a little more, but we are proud to provide the most luxurious implant with the industry leading warranty to our patients and our families.