Most patients considering a plastic surgery procedure will review their potential surgeon’s credentials. Is the surgeon board certified? Double board certified? Where did the surgeon complete his or her medical school education and residency? All very importat. But what about present-day scholarship? A marker of excellence is the surgeon’s ongoing contribution and leadership in the field of plastic surgery.

This is what makes the latest issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal – the bible of scholarship amongst plastic surgeons – so important to those of us who more commonly read novels and magazines on our Kindles!

Dr. Capizzi is one of the top breast surgeons in the United States. As a leading expert, he was asked to participate in an ASJ roundtable on the merits of shaped Gummy Bear breast implants. Fellow roundtable peers include Dr. Michael Schwartz from California; Dr. Kiya Movassaghi, a professor in Oregon; and Dr. Mia Talmor a professor in New York.

The roundtable insights and findings presented by this team of four were subject to rigorous peer review and deemed worthy for the ASJ. The Journal is a must-read for all cosmetic surgeons. Insights and advice presented here – from Dr. Capizzi and other experts – supports improved performance for surgeons all over the country, and the world.

How about a Cliff’s Notes summary of Dr. Capizzi’s pearls of wisdom?

  • Sientra’s latest Gummy Bear innovation, the High-Strength Cohesive Shape Implant, is a leading choice for women seeking a natural look and feel. Gummy Bears represented a breakthrough and innovation continues.
  • In addition to healthy, active women, the shaped Gummy Bear implant is also a great choice for “challenging” cases, including reconstruction surgeries where there is minimal breast tissue and shape. The shaped implant can improve upper pole hollowing.
  • To recommend the appropriate size implant, both 3D technology and traditional measurement methods are employed.
  • Within the extensive assortment of Sientra Gummy Bear styles, Dr. Capizzi generally recommends the Round Base to support a youthful appearance. However, the Oval Base implant is a consideration for reconstruction patients.