What is Sculptra®

Sculptra® is an injectable poly-L-lactic acid filler that is FDA-approved for replacing lost collagen. Collagen loss is an unfortunate, natural side effect of aging. It is what often gives our faces and bodies a bony and hollow appearance. By stimulating collagen production in the body, we use Sculptra to create natural-looking results for many of our patients.

Showing three different levels of Sculptra treatments and the benefits.

Sculptra® Is Different From Other Fillers

As a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator, Sculptra® is different from traditional dermal fillers which are usually composed of hyaluronic acid. Rather than plumping with liquid volume, Sculptra® works with your body to stimulate collagen production and help restore the deep, underlying structure of the skin. Rebuilt collagen then gradually improves facial volume and diminishes wrinkles and folds. This is a slow-grow product that does take time to see results, but they are well worth it.

Showing the different areas of the face that show the signs of aging the most.

Typically a few treatments are needed, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Patience is key here as results peak in the months following your last treatment. Because Sculptra® stimulates the product of your own collagen, results can last 2-3 years and can typically be maintained with one treatment per year thereafter.

Areas Of The Body That Respond Well To Sculptra®

  • Lower face
    • Deep folds framing your mouth (marionette lines)
    • Define jawline
    • Smooth dimpling & creases on the chin
    • Volumize pre-jowl depression.
  • Temples
    • Add volume to hollowing temples
  • Mid-face
    • Lift, contour, and define cheeks
    • Fill hollowing under-eyes
    • Smooth nasolabial folds
  • Buttocks
    • Firms skin and increases volume where you want it
  • Breasts
    • Smoothes abnormalities from cancer removal

The Sculptra® Butt Lift

The Sculptra Butt Lift is a non-surgical alternative to a Brazilian Butt Lift. This treatment involves the use of Sculptra injections to targeted areas under the skin. This thickens the skin and stimulates deep collagen growth, resulting in a firmer feeling and more voluptuous buttocks. This is very useful when a person has very little fat to transfer to the buttocks. This lift will produce great results for people of all body types, but tends to be especially good for slim women who don’t have a large amount of body fat.

The benefits of this procedure are:

  • Natural-looking results
  • No general anesthesia needed
  • Short recovery time
  • Quick treatments
  • Long-lasting results for 2-5 years.

This one-time treatment regimen involves multiple treatments (2-4) about four weeks apart. Recovery time is about 24 hours, with patients resuming all normal activities within that time. There is typically a little soreness after the procedure, and we recommend that patients do not exercise until 24 hours after the treatment.

The Sculptra® Liquid Facelift

Collagen loss is one of the primary reasons we show signs of facial aging. This loss begins as early as our 40’s and continues to progress for the remainder of our lives. With that in mind, Sculptra is one of the best remedies to replace lost collagen and elastin naturally and gradually.

Show facial fat at ages 35, 45, 55 that Sculptra helps to correct.

To address facial wrinkles and folds, Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected into two planes:

  • On top of the bone to restore areas of bony loss: jawline, temples, cheeks, or near the nose.
  • And, in fatty areas such as the cheeks, chin, or marionette lines in order to restore fullness and shape.

A customized treatment plan to regain facial fullness involves a few treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Patients typically see results that improve in the months following their treatments and last for 2-3 years after treatment. Results can be easily maintained with an additional treatment once per year.

Before And After Sculptra Karen Age 53

Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, is our resident Sculptra® expert and consults our patients on the best treatment options for their needs. He walks our patients through the process and performs the Sculptra treatment. If you are interested in learning more about Sculptra, or have any questions about pricing, recovery, or treatment time, please call our office at 704-655-8988 to request a consultation or fill out our form.

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