Suzy is a Charlottean by choice. She was born in Alabama and has happily resided in Charlotte for seventeen years. She’s a great wife, stepmom and friend. Her passions are tending to a bountiful garden and five big hounds. She turns 46 is March, but who would know?

Dr. Capizzi's patient Suzy and one of her five canines, Hannibal.

Dr. Capizzi’s patient Suzy and one of her five canines, Hannibal.

STILLWATER: First, tell us what brought you to Dr. Capizzi and Stillwater originally. What skincare issues? Needs? How old you were at the time?

SUZY: I think I was 43 when I first came to Stillwater. I was concerned about the early signs of aging (skin pigment issues, drooping eyebrows, thinning lips).

STILLWATER: Were there any lifestyle or career changes that spurred your visit? Like a new job, marriage, high school reunion.

SUZY My visit was spurred by what I saw in the mirror. I felt I could improve my appearance with some minor treatments, and I was right.

STILLWATER: Okay, first tell us about skin care and laser treatments at Stillwater. What procedures have you had done. Describe the procedure and recovery time.

SUZY I started with a package of three SkinTyte treatments. There was some mild discomfort during the procedure because the laser is hot, but there was no recovery time, and I noticed that my skin looked tighter and more youthful after a few months. A year later I had a mini laser peel and full-face BBL treatment. Again, I had some mild discomfort during the procedure. Recovery was not painful, and I was able to go back in public within six days.

STILLWATER: Tell us about the results! Did you get the outcome you were going for?

SUZY The results were amazing, and it’s why I sing the praises of laser peels to anyone who will listen. If you can spare a week, you can have skin with fewer wrinkles, tighter pores, fewer pigment issues and eventually, a tighter appearance overall! I am religious about sunscreen and wearing a hat outdoors, because I want to protect what I’ve done.

STILLWATER: Next, let’s talk mini-facelift. Explain to our readers exactly what this is?

SUZY My forehead and mid-cheeks are still in good shape, but my jawline and neck had softened.  It was all I saw when I looked in the mirror. So, Dr. Capizzi recommended a mini-facelift, which helps tighten the lower face and neck while maintaining a completely natural look. I also had another laser peel and some liposuction under my chin.

STILLWATER: Tell us about the day of the procedure. How did you feel? What time did you get to the office? Anesthetic? What were Dr. Capizzi and team like?

SUZY I felt great. I got there at 9:30 a.m. and never felt the least bit nervous. I knew I could trust Dr. Capizzi and his team. The procedure was done with IV sedation, I felt no pain, and even when the anesthetic wore off, I still didn’t have any pain!  I couldn’t believe it.

STILLWATER: Immediately after surgery – when you got home and perhaps the next day – how did you feel and look?

SUZY I felt fine. My face was red, with very little swelling. I switched to acetaminophen the day after surgery, if that gives you some idea of how painless this procedure is. The worst part of the whole thing is the heavy balm you have to wear for about five days after a laser peel, but it’s essential. I’ve had sore throats that hurt worse than this surgery.

STILLWATER: You’re well past mini facelift surgery now. Tell us about how you look and feel NOW.

SUZY I feel great, and I think I look younger. No one can tell I’ve had something done. I think they just think I’ve lost weight. I really can’t believe how easy it was.

STILLWATER: What advice would you give other women considering medical skincare treatments and mini-facelifts? What would you tell your best friend?

SUZY My advice is “Don’t neglect your face!” Don’t spend hours in the gym and thousands on expensive clothes just to wear the same tired face around. Do little procedures, here and there, while your skin still retains elasticity, and you will be pleased with the natural result. Our faces are the one part of us that EVERYONE sees. And one other note: the sun is not your friend. Nothing will age you faster than tanning. We don’t have to look leathery and dried up as we reach middle age. It is not a foregone conclusion, unless you tan.

STILLWATER: What’s next for Suzy? Are you done with treatments or is there something else on your wish list??

SUZY: CoolSculpting! I’m going to get rid of this spare tire.