With the holiday season in full swing, keeping your diet and shape in check isn’t the simplest thing to do. We could blame it on Aunt Ruth’s irresistible chocolate pecan pie, but here at Stillwater we prefer to look for solutions rather than assigning blame. Aunt Ruth is off the hook!

Dr. Capizzi and the Capizzi team uniformly agree that a great shape starts with a good diet. Just as we were beginning this blog, we came across a Mayo Clinic newsletter concerning the tricky art of balancing of calories. Dr. Capizzi completed his residency at Mayo and the clinic is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s top hospitals.

Dr. Capizzi concurs with friends and associates at the Mayo Clinic on this matter: you can still enjoy special holiday foods while controlling your diet. It’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. Smart cooks (and eaters) should consider a few slight-of-hand low-calorie substitutions. How about riced potatoes instead of sweet potatoes? Or apple pie rather than pecan pie? Apologies to Aunt Ruth.

Dr. Capizzi also agrees with the Mayo Clinic in the assessment that increasing physical activity during the holiday season is a helpful stay-fit strategy. Adding a 30-minute walk to your day can help you beat the bulge this Christmas. Dr. Capizzi is a hot yoga fan. Stephanie, our gorgeous patient administrator is a Pure Barre devotee. What exercise regimes make your heart go pitter-patter (literally)?

Yet, for some of us a balanced diet and exercise isn’t enough. Is anyone nodding their head vigorously? You may be at a stalemate with that muffin top or belly pooch. CoolSculpting®, an FDA-cleared, clinically tested treatment that freezes fat away, just might help. Dr. Capizzi and team are quickly becoming the CoolSculpting® experts in the Carolinas. The doctor is an innovator. He’s developed a customized CoolSculpting® treatment program that expedites results.

So what exactly is CoolSculpting®? It’s an hour-long, noninvasive treatment. Cooling panels are placed on skin surface to freeze and essentially kill underlying fat cells. You’ll feel a firm pull and just a bit of pressure when the panels are placed on problem areas. This signals that the selected tissue will be cooled effectively. Next, you’ll feel a cold sensation as the fat cells are targeted. There are no incisions, needles or downtime. Most patients return to normal activity immediately following the treatment. CoolSculpting® works! Dr. Capizzi’s patients see results as the body naturally disposes of fat cells in as little as four weeks – with complete results (beautifully) visible by sixteen weeks.

How do you know if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting®? Does it sound too good to be true? Stillwater is all about real and realistic results. Dr. Capizzi notes that CoolSculpting® is not for everyone. It’s is a great solution for people – both men and women – within reasonable range of their ideal body weight who struggle with exercise- and diet-resistant fat. Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are another expertise of Dr. Capizzi. These are both highly effective, but more invasive treatments, to achieve improved body contour.

We’ve made sort of a list here, so let’s check it twice. Dr. Capizzi’s “menu” of weight control tips for the holiday season (and beyond) start with good diet and regular exercise. When more help is needed, CoolSculpting® might be a great option. And, liposuction and tummy tuck are highly effective procedures to more aggressively tackle unwanted fat. Dr. Capizzi and the Capizzi team are all about offering the right solution to every patient – no more, no less. What sounds just right for you?