The therapeutic lymphatic massage is an integral part of Dr. Capizzi’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program. The ERAS program encourages an accelerated, more comfortable recovery process. Dr. Capizzi began developing this recovery program 20 years ago. 10,000 breast implants (and other procedures) later, he has a specific set of techniques prior, during, and after surgery to achieve an enhanced recovery. It includes phenomenal products for improving swelling, skin texture, and appearance of scars, and the lymphatic massage.

Therapeutic ultrasounds have been in use for quite some time now and have been studied extensively for alleviation of chronic pain. Dr. Capizzi has found that the same therapy can also assist in a speedier recovery after surgery. After all, it is natural to experience swelling after any sort of surgery. Unfortunately, swelling and soreness from surgery can make patients’ recovery more uncomfortable than necessary. To ease this discomfort, every surgical procedure includes a lymphatic massage with one of our Licensed Medical Aestheticians!

The Treatment

Your lymphatic massage will take place at your first follow up, usually a few days after surgery. Your aesthetician will start by removing your incision tape and any left over gauze. They will then prepare the area with an antibacterial cleanser. Once prepped, they begin the treatment by applying a moisturizer developed by Dr. Capizzi.

We have two special moisturizers to aid in recovery for all procedures performed at Capizzi MD:

  • Capizzi MD Firm & Contour Body Moisturizer: perfect for body procedures like liposuction, CoolSculpting, or gluteal fat grafting. This silky, fast-absorbing lotion smooths cellulite and softens the skin.
  • Capizzi MD Enhance & Smooth Breast/Decolletage Moisturizer: key for breast, face, and neck procedures. This unique blend supports healthy collagen production and brightens for an even tone and texture.

After applying the best moisturizer for your results, your aesthetician will gently use a heated, ultrasonic handpiece to distribute the product. The combined heat and vibration from the handpiece help release fluid build-up and pressure on the affected tissue and skin. This is also effective in lessening the strain placed on your incisions.

Many patients find the lymphatic massage very soothing and relaxing. This is a turning point in your recovery process! Lymphatic massages after your surgery are helpful for alleviating swelling and providing comfort. To further speed up your recovery process, you can buy a package of lymphatic massages. This is a great option for longer surgeries with many procedures, such as a Mommy Makeover.

Don’t let recovery horror stories stop you from achieving your aesthetic goals. At Capizzi MD, your comfort and satisfaction are the most important to us. Our team is always a phone call away for all questions and concerns you have throughout the surgical process. At Capizzi MD, we take pride in our patient care from the initial consultation to each follow-up appointment down the road. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of providers for both the surgical side of our practice and our Med Spa. When you walk into our practice we want you to have the total package for all your cosmetic needs!

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