Real Self is the world’s largest online network for people considering cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Capizzi was one of the first surgeons to really recognize its value. Dr. Capizzi believes that informed patients are the very best patients. Real Self is an amazing platform to ask expert questions, peruse before-and-after pictures and understand the experience of other patients just like you.

SHARING YOUR STORY is central to Real Self. The Stillwater team was delightfully surprised to open the latest Real Self email communique (of course, we subscribe!) and note that one of our very own patients is featured. Everything is anonymous, of course.

The patient is a 24-year old medical-school student. She recollects always wanting bigger breasts and knew during her personal consultation that Dr. Capizzi and Stillwater were the best choice for breast augmentation surgery with Gummy Bear implants. She says, “From the moment I walked into Stillwater I felt extremely comfortable and could not have asked for a better experience. Dr. Capizzi spent ample time with me during my consultation listening to my expectations for the augmentation, discussing my various options, and addressing all of my questions and concerns.”

We are so pleased that this patient shared her story on Real Self and encourage others to chime in too. It’s very easy to write a review. Real Self has a very stringent privacy policy. They never reveal user information or sell names to third parties.

Here’s how this patient ended her review: “Each step along the way from researching to 6 weeks post surgery the team at Stillwater and Dr. Capizzi has far exceeded any expectation I had. I am extremely happy with my results and I would definitely recommend Dr. Capizzi and his team!”

Sharing this experience on Real Self seems to have been of great value to the patient. It’s healthy to tell our stories, don’t you agree? And it’s great for other women, other patients who are on similar pathways. No man (or woman) is an island. Dr. Capizzi serves a community of women (and men too!) who seek to be their very best selves.