Gummy Bear Implants

“The Gummy Bear Implant” is the affectionate nickname given to the newest type of silicone breast implant on the market, one that has quickly become the gold standard for surgeons and patients alike. Approved by the FDA in 2013, this superior fifth generation gel implant is remarkable for its tapered, tear-drop shape and supple, cohesive texture, both of which perfectly mimic the natural contour and feel of the female breast. In fact, some women report that even their significant others cannot tell they’ve had breast augmentation surgery. Today, the gummy bear implants come in shaped, round, textured, smooth, and low, moderate, or high profiles.

When compared to other silicone and saline implants, the Gummy Bear maintains its shape more faithfully over time, resisting gravity, aging and anatomical flaws through its distinctive, “form-stable” engineering. This not only offers women a more natural-looking outcome, they are also safer, as the implant is far less likely to rupture. Folds, ripples and creases are rare within the Gummy Bear, making tears and leakage extremely unlikely.

Gummy Bear Expert:

From the inception of this breakthrough technology, Dr. Capizzi — a double board-certified physician trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic — has been at the forefront of his field, and is considered a leading expert in breast implant surgery. He was the only doctor in North Carolina to be chosen by the FDA as a co-investigator for the Gummy Bear implants, and as an elite member of this surgical research team, he has garnered over a decade of critical experience, knowledge and skill in this area. To date, Dr. Capizzi has currently performed over 2200 Gummy Bear implant procedures, and thanks to this specialization, patients can expect an outcome that is flawless, exquisite and highly precise.

Before & After

Take a gander at Dr. Capizzi’s before and after photos, giving you a visual representation of his stunning results.


Due to the growing worldwide embrace of the Gummy Bear innovation, the versatile implant is now offered by three leading pharmaceutical companies – Sientra, Mentor, and Allergan. This surge in availability, combined with Dr. Capizzi’s status as an FDA co-investigator, gives him the clearance to choose from hundreds of shapes, sizes and textures, ensuring that your final result will be uniquely tailored to your wishes and body type. Dr. Capizzi favors a highly customized approach to plastic surgery, and will provide an in-depth consultation for each patient, during which he will answer all questions and concerns, review photos, and provide his best recommendation for the desired outcome. While ideal breast volume is determined by the patient’s aesthetic preference, the doctor will consider a variety of factors, including chest and rib size, weight and pregnancy history, before moving forward.

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