Crissy Teigen explains that armpit liposuction was so easy, it made her feel better in dresses and more confident. Plastic surgeon Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, shares his advice, amazing information and tips if you’re thinking of trying it out.

Dr. Capizzi explained, “If you don’t want to try liposuction, there are other options that might be the right fit for you. We have more options than ever for treating localized fat in the armpit area. Depending on the area, Kybella can also be used for treatment, as well as the Profound Subcutaneous applicator, CoolSculpting with the CoolFit, and of course liposuction with the PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) machine,” he said.

As for waiting and downtime when getting lipo, he explains, “Downtime for armpit liposuction can be very quick, – even just 24 hours. If there is a cup of fat or more per side, and swelling, one can still do activities of daily living the next day but may need to gradually get back to working out.”