Breast implant revision surgery is one of Dr. Capizzi’s most commonly performed surgeries. During this procedure, Dr. Capizzi revises and replaces implants from surgeries performed elsewhere. Generally, revisions are undertaken for one of two reasons: the implants are malfunctioning or the patient wants to upgrade her look. 

SWPS patient proxyToday, we’re delighted to introduce “Kimberly.” In the interest of full disclosure, this is a pen name. And, while this image reflects Kimberly’s athleticism and zest for life, it’s not her. This breast revision patient wants to share her story, but also wants to remain anonymous. We respect that! Kimberly is in her early fifties, fit and energetic. She works out daily and is well with range (actually under) ideal body weight. Kimberly’s original saline implants were placed 25-years ago. Let’s learn more about why she opted for Gummy Bear breast revision surgery with Dr. Capizzi and how she feels about the results.

STILLWATER: First, what made you seek out a breast revision surgery? 25 years is a long time. Was there a malfunction?

KIMBERLY: I was feeling like my implant shape was not natural and had read about Dr. Capizzi and the gummy bear implants. I was also feeling that implants probably don’t last forever. I was curious about an upgrade.

STILLWATER: First impressions matter. What were your first impressions of Dr. Capizzi? How did he make you feel? What was that first meeting like?

KIMBERLY: I first met with Tammy who spoke with me and took my photos. When Dr. Capizzi came into the room he made me feel very at ease. He is very kind and a gentle spirit. He gave great advice and provided all the options and explained fully each one. I felt as if he took the time to really care about my outcome and what I wanted to achieve. He easily answered all the questions that I had.

STILLWATER: Was there a medical reason for the revision?

KIMBERLY: No and yes. My main reason to revise was to get a better look. I’d heard about the Gummy Bears. But as I found out later, there was a capsular contraction on both of the current implants and one had leaked and was almost flat! Shocking that I could not have known that prior to surgery.

STILLWATER: Tell us about the day of surgery? What was it like? Were you nervous?

KIMBERLY: I was not nervous at all actually. I had had the procedure once before so knew what to expect but the surprising part was when I arrived at Dr. Capizzi’s office, every one of his staff was equally as kind and sweet as he is. I felt as if I was surrounded by friends that truly cared about me.

STILLWATER: What was your recovery like? How long before you were back to work, exercising again? Did you have to wear special bandages? Did you feel like you knew what to expect? Did Dr. Capizzi follow up with you?

KIMBERLY: Recovery was a breeze! Much easier the second time around or perhaps because of Dr. Capizzi. I woke right up after the procedure, my husband was there to drive me home and I slept off and on most of the day (due to the anesthesia.) I had been given a prescription of painkillers but never needed anything more than Advil.

I had tape on to keep the implants in position and a special bra that Dr. Capizzi carries without underwires that was very comfortable.

24 hours later I was still a bit groggy so slept off and on but by the next day I felt pretty much back to normal. A bit tender but not much pain.  I am a runner and due to the NO BOUNCING for four weeks I did a lot of walking!

STILLWATER: It’s been about eight weeks since your surgery. How do you feel today?

KIMBERLY: Great! As if nothing ever happened and I love how natural my breasts look and feel now.

STILLWATER: And are you happy with the results…the way you look? Did you get what you expected? Are Gummy Bears really all that?

KIMBERLY:  YES! So natural that one would not know that I had implants (I skipped the size DD). They are actually better than natural!

STILLWATER: What three adjectives describe the way you feel now?

KIMBERLY: Proportioned, natural looking and happy!

STILLWATER: Do you have any advice for women thinking about breast revision surgery? What would you tell your best friend?

KIMBERLY: I would first of all would advise not going anywhere but Dr. Capizzi’s office. They treat you like family. From the front desk person to the nurse and anesthesiologist. They were terrific. Secondly, for anyone who had implant surgery years ago like me, think about a tune-up. Implants don’t last forever, as I found out. If you want a natural look – like I did – Gummy Bears are the way to go. Is there such a think as better than natural? That’s how I feel and look now.