This snowy start to spring here in Charlotte may not seem close to summer, but it is around the corner nonetheless and with it, body-baring fashions.  While the majority of my patients are diligent about good nutrition and regular exercise, sometimes, that’s not enough to obtain the body shape they desire, the shape that will make them feel like their best selves. No wonder the top two cosmetic procedures in demand from my practice, as well as across the country, are breast augmentation and liposuction. Both provide an immediate, substantial difference in how the body looks and feels. And both have come a long way over the years, both in the details of the procedures themselves and in results!

Breast Augmentations: Achieve the Profile You Envision


Let’s start with breast augmentation, a procedure to increase breast volume and enhance the overall breast appearance, and my core specialty as a plastic surgeon. Not only is breast augmentation an ideal choice for combatting the loss of breast fullness and symmetry due to common life changes such as aging or pregnancy, it is also a popular choice for women who simply desire a fuller profile.

The most exciting development in breast augmentation in recent years is the continued evolution of the implants themselves and the range available. My preference, based on extensive research and evaluation, is the “Gummy Bear.” Approved by the FDA in 2013, this fifth-generation gel implant with the affectionate nickname is remarkable for its range of options – round and tear drop shaped; smooth and textured; high, moderate and low profiles – meaning patients can achieve precisely the look and feel they desire. Our use of the newest 3D technology, Crisalix (for which Capizzi MD was a beta site) during consultations enables patients to visualize precisely which implant would give them the look they want. No wonder the popularity of this implant continues to rise; I’m at close to 3,000 augmentations using Gummy Bear implants.

Liposuction: Improved Recovery Time, Still Great Results

Liposuction is another area of rapid progress; my practice offers the latest tools and techniques, including Power-Assisted Liposuction from Microaire, Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL), and Laser Liposuction (Smart Lipo). In all cases, incisions are minimal, thanks to the use of “microrco-cannulas,” or minute, precision devices that function as tiny straws in order to remove body fat. Before suction, the area is flushed with a tumescent solution to ensure greater ease of cell removal. This “turmescent” solution has medication in it that results in liposuction (PAL), having less pain for the patient and a more rapid recovery, further aided by the use of Reston foam sheeting at the surgical site to minimize bruising and tenderness.

For anyone considering either of these procedures, it is important to note that a successful outcome depends not just on the tools used, but on how the procedure is performed. Surgical technique plays a substantial role in shorter recovery times and long-lasting results. My and my team’s pre-, during, and post-procedure approach is summed up in “The Capizzi Method,” which you can read about here.

The body you want is closer than you may think; I encourage you to schedule a consultation with myself or one of my caring, expert colleagues to discuss whether these solutions are right for you.