Breasts. When women consider their body image, their breasts are often at the top of the list. Having performed over 7,000 breast augmentations, I’ve heard many reasons for deciding to make a change.

Motherhood. Aging. Significant weight change. Breast augmentation gone wrong. General dissatisfaction with what nature provided. Every reason shared highlighted an effect on the woman’s self-confidence. Each instance also came with a myriad of questions.

With that in mind, I want to share the top three breast concerns I hear from my patients and my top solutions for each.

Concern #1: Natural looking, larger breasts

“I’m interested in implants, but I don’t want my breasts to look fake – is that possible?”

Yes! Larger, but still natural looking, breasts are absolutely possible. In fact, I often recommend the “Gummy Bear” implant. The teardrop shape and gummy bear-like texture provides a very natural-looking augmentation. In fact, I’ve performed over 1,700 of these surgeries and recently published research in a scholarly journal on this new type of implant.

Gummy Bears are also a great option for women unhappy with a past augmentation. Over the years, I’ve performed many breast revisions for patients not satisfied with the size, shape, symmetry or placement of their implants; when implants have ruptured or leaked; when a significant amount of weight has been lost; or when a patient has suffered from breast cancer.

Concern #2: Post Pregnancy Breast Shape

“Pregnancy and nursing have left me with sagging breasts. How can I get my pre-motherhood breasts back? And if I pursue surgery, will I still be able to nurse?”

Your first step should be finding a surgeon who both listens to you and has the experience to recommend the right procedure for your needs. For example, when I perform breast implant surgery on moms, I use a “nipple-sparing” technique that preserves breastfeeding capabilities, so my patients who wish to breastfeed in the future are able to do so.

Another option for moms is having a mastopexy or a breast lift. This procedure can dramatically alter your profile, reviving breast firmness and perkiness. And finally, for women who may have had more than one pregnancy or are experiencing decreased elasticity and sagging, opting for breast fat enhancement injections may be a good option.

Concern #3: Reducing Breast Size

“My large breasts have been a source of pain and self-consciousness since I was a teenager. No matter how fit I am, they stay the same size! What can be done?”

First, please know you’re far from alone! Many women find that a mammaplasty, or breast reduction, can be a life-enhancing operation that alleviates years of physical pain, self-consciousness and fatigue.  In fact, many women are genetically predisposed to large breasts, which means diet and exercise may have little effect.

Because breast reduction can often be combined with other procedures, my approach is to first hold a consultation with you. During our meeting, we carefully consider your cup size, medical health, and goals, and from there determine the best procedure or combination of procedures for you.

Breast augmentation and breast reductions are popular cosmetic procedures for women for many reasons. Whatever your need or concern, I encourage you to reach out, schedule a consultation with me, and feel free to bring along a close friend or loved one. I look forward to seeing you in 2017!