Consider the fact that it takes you two minutes to shave your legs and underarms each day. That’s 730 minutes of your life each year that you lose to shaving. Insane, right? Then, add the five minutes every few days that you pluck your brows, or bleach your upper lip, or whatever hair you can’t stand to see sprouting out of your skin. Have you considered the possibility of a life without these time drains?

We have at Capizzi, M.D. That’s why we offer non-surgical laser hair removal, so you never need to shave, tweeze or wax those areas again. But we also understand that, with great change, comes a little bit of hesitation. So check out these five signs that you’re ready to try non-surgical hair removal. Sound familiar?

1) Your excess hair is causing you stress.

If you get frazzled about keeping up with your personal hair removal regimen, you’re ready for permanent hair removal. Our practiced and proven procedure makes it all possible. With our non-surgical hair removal technique, we use the Candela GentleMax Pro, it’s easy to approach a variety of areas on the body. That includes your bikini line, your face, your legs, your underarms and your back. Through our process, we use a laser to destroy hair follicles with heat, so it becomes nearly impossible for hair to continue growing in those specific areas.

2) You’ve been thinking about it, but just need some reassurance.

Somehow, even though you cringe every time you run a razor across your leg or yank an eyebrow hair from your face, you feel hesitant. Lasers seem dangerous, right?

Here’s your reassurance: Non-surgical hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic treatments in America. To put it in perspective, at least 52% of people are considering hair removal using an aesthetic device. And thousands of people have been lucky to experience permanent results with the Candela GentleMax Pro.

This FDA-cleared device is the main reason we’re able to offer permanent hair removal that’s safe. Plus, it’s been proven again and again to deliver permanent results.

More importantly, it provides adequate cooling to prevent safety risks like burns, blisters and scars. The Candela GentleMax Pro is actually a patented dynamic cooling device that instantly cools an area during the laser pulses.

3) You have a spare hour.

Each treatment only takes a matter of minutes. The exact timing depends on the target area. For example, upper lip or areola takes about five minutes, underarms or bikini line takes about 10 minutes, and Brazilian, half of a leg treatment and face treatment takes closer to an hour.

Regardless, after the experience, you’re free to live your life as you normally do. There’s no recovery period.

Keep in mind, though, that because of the growth cycle that hair follows (including phases for resting, shedding and growing), hair is not visible to the laser each time you show up at our office. So several treatments (generally five to six) are recommended for maximum effectiveness, and are accommodated through our package offerings.

Also, be sure to avoid waxing, tweezing and electrolysis for two weeks prior to your appointment. Take a look at our short preparation checklist here.

4) You don’t mind a “flicking” sensation.

Because really, that’s all there is to this procedure. Once our licensed technician cleans your target area and shaves down a bit if necessary, they calibrates the laser to accommodate your skin and hair colors, then simply places the GentleMax Pro handpiece over your skin to send out the light pulses. The laser doesn’t actually come in contact with your skin.

The treatment costs $1,000-$3,000 depending on the area (full legs or back are the most expensive options). The most common non-surgical hair removal areas are Brazilian and underarms, which are covered by $1,200-$2,250 packages. Our packages include five treatments and complementary touch-ups.

5) You need a little confidence boost.

When you walk out of our office and back into the world, there may only be a minor delay until that sweet wave of confidence washes over you. Keep your head up — there are only a few less-than-glamorous side effects.

Following your first treatment, you might notice minimal redness or discomfort for 24 hours. And while it’s a myth that laser hair removal causes ingrown hairs, it can create some swelling around your hair follicles, as well as temporary irritation and pigment changes. But the best part? Your targeted follicles have died and will be shed within a week.

While you’re here, we’ll schedule your next appointment exactly four to five weeks out. Keep in mind that five to six treatments at four to five weeks apart will produce amazing results.

You’ll start to witness that miraculous moment where your unwanted hair starts to fall out. You’ll have more minutes in your day-to-day life for whatever it is you really need.

Just like a surge of confidence, permanent hair removal is possible. Did all of these signs ring true for you? It sounds like you’re ready.


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