Improve the Shape and Size of your Breasts with Fat Grafting!

As a Double Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon known for excellence in Cosmetic Breast Augmentation, I am involved with industry thinkers, and clinical researchers who are plastic surgeons.

Year after year I do hundreds of breast implant procedures, but one method that has seen an increase over the past 3 years is performing breast enhancement with the use of one’s own fatty tissue.  Women and men alike are more in tune with health, natural treatments, and interested in having a chance at a better shape, but may not want a breast implant (even those with a life time warranty) and just want to enhance their own breast shape. (volume, size)

For years our society has debated over the efficacy and safety of this procedure. Now most surgeons that I know that who do fat grafting for breast enhancement are doing it to provide three things:

  • Natural option
  • Better shape (not necessarily size)
  • Eliminate the need for a breast implant

The idea of using one’s own fat is appealing to many.  It is most commonly harvested as liposuction of the lower tummy or hip areas.  This can usually supply enough fat volume to provide for the fat grafting procedure.  The benefit of fat grafting allows women to improve multiple areas of their physique in one single surgery: Reduction of fat in the tummy (abdominal) area and hips both areas where fat tends to be stored.  One’s own fat is used (once prepared) to provide fullness of the breast in a most natural way.

Breast enhancement with fat grafting can occur as a procedure alone; with removal of breast implants to provide some shape (but one cannot reliably fill an empty pocket with fat as it requires a blood supply from neighboring tissue); or in combination with a breast lift with or without the removal of breast implants.

The fat, once harvested, is cleansed with saline, washed and filtered to provide the most viable cells to be injected.  Years of experience has culminated in a refined gentle technique that when fat graft is placed can have a greater than 85% of survival and not be reabsorbed by the body.  Puregraft is the system I prefer and use.

The system is easy to use and enhances the number of livable cells.  In most cases we are grafting less than 250cc of fat to each breast, just enough to allow for some fullness.  In my experience this has provided an excellent natural breast shape for our patients and they are thrilled with the outcome!

Call for a consultation, please contact my Patient Care Coordinator for any additional information.

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