piclab_SnapseedDid she or didn’t she? A few months ago, the media was abuzz with commentary and speculation on Renée Zellweger’s changed appearance. The actress was “accused” of undertaking plastic surgery procedures. Ms. Zellweger batted off the comments and claimed a healthy lifestyle and lots of R&R resulted in her refreshed look.

Interestingly, as the New York Times recaps top stories of 2014, the October 24, 2014, article on the very topic of Ms. Zellweger face counted among the most read articles of 2014. Think about this for a moment. Consider what an amazing, unpredictable, news-filled year 2014 has been. A story about an actress’s (likely) plastic surgery decisions emerges as a top story in one of the country’s most prestigious news outlets? Wow, say we!

It’s time for Stillwater to comment. Dr. Capizzi and team are experts in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, including breast surgeries of all variety (breast augmentation, breast lift and breast revision), body contouring procedures (tummy tuck, liposuction and CoolSculpting), as well as anti-aging facial surgeries and treatments. The plastic surgery questions now on the national platform, as a result of Ms. Zellweger’s decisions, come up every day at Stillwater Plastic Surgery.

First, Dr. Capizzi believes that cosmetic surgery is always a personal decision. No one should criticize an individual’s desire to be their best self and undertake reasonable surgeries and treatments to achieve their goals. At Stillwater, we find that many patients are PROUD of their decisions. Rather than keeping a plastic surgery procedure secret, it’s an affirmation of self to share the news.

That said, other patients prefer more privacy. There is absolutely no judgment associated with this. This is merely another personal choice. For these patients, subtle changes in appearance are generally desirable. As an example, they may opt for mini facelift, rather than a full facelift. A Stillwater patient shared her “mini” experience in Dr. Capizzi’s blog earlier this year.

It’s clear from the Renée Zellweger controversy that patients considering transformational plastic surgery – that is, procedures that will very obviously alter appearance – should be prepared to answer questions. People will notice. Deflecting questions appears not to be a successful strategy. Just ask Renée.