Here at Stillwater Plastic Surgery we don’t fear change. We celebrate it. Fall is one of our favorites seasons. Oddly, even though fall foreshadows the approach year-end, we think fall means new beginning. With the kids are back to school and the holidays coming up, fall is the season of self improvement, renewal and fresh starts.

And fall is the inspiration behind Be-Beautiful Saturday, a one-day only special event at Stillwater’s Birkdale Village office. In celebration of the season and our special event, we asked the Stillwater team (including Dr. Capizzi) to share their top autumnal anti-aging tips. Here we go…


SALLY WESSELMAN – Stillwater R.N. Sally Wesselman has seen it all in her thirty-year nursing career. But it doesn’t show on her face. If you’re impressed, we advise scheduling a personal consultation to get the full, beautiful benefit of Sally’s knowledge. For today’s blog, BOTOX® is Sally’s #1 fall beauty tip pick. “It’s quick. It’s almost painless. It’s an affordable treatment to help you look more relaxed and refreshed after a long summer,” says Sally. Best yet, BOTOX® is even more effective with regular use.

STEPHANIE ABERNATHY – As Dr. Capizzi’s right arm woman, wife, and mother of a busy toddler, Stephanie’s proverbial plate is very full. No matter how busy her days (and nights) are, Steph always makes time for a facial cleansing ritual with her Clarisonic brush. “It’s ground zero for beautiful skin,” Stephanie explains, “because our medical-grade products perform so much better on a clean, exfoliated face. The magic sinks in.”


TINA KRIENBRINK – For Stillwater’s office admin pro, autumn means changing colors, shorter days and chemical peels. It’s ALL related for Tina. First, peels can effectively address uneven skin tones, often the result of too much exposure to the summery sun. Post-peel, your skin may be sun sensitive. So, it’s best to reap the full benefits of Stillwater peels in the fall. Chemical peels are an autumnal slam-dunk.


TAMMY RYAN – R.N. and L.E. Tammy Ryan is not in the habit of making generalizations. She grooms recommendations expressly for her patients. That said, there is one product Tammy things belongs in everyone’s regimen: Vitamin C. Tammy can’t live without Obagi Vitamin C serum. Tammy’s also a huge fan of the entire Image Skincare vitamin C line. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C reverses signs of aging and sun damage, stimulates collagen, provides hydration and offers additional UVA/UVB ray protection. Get your daily dose Tammy’s way.


MICHELE LAWS – For Stillwater R.N., Michele Laws fall means the return to healthy routines after easy-going summertime. But the use of sunscreen is one anti-aging routine that Michele enforces 365-days a year, through sun and rain, snow and sleet. Michele never takes a seasonal break! Elta-MD sunscreen is her hand’s-down favorite. “I can’t live without it,” Michele notes. A bold statement for a great product.

BETH LAIBLE – Stillwater’s Birkdale Village patients know Beth Laible very well. She’s the cheerful, helpful person who greets them at the front desk. Like all of the Stillwater team, Beth is faithfully committed to Elta-MD tinted sunscreen, especially in the fall, Beth’s favorite season. Elta-MD sunscreen has an extra benefit for Beth. In addition to sun protection, Elta MD calms and protects acne-prone skin. “It’s two birds with one stone,” says Beth, “absolutely a must-have product.


ALI KRAUS – Where does Ali get her glow? One of her favorite treatments – and one she credits for her lovely skin – is BBL. It’s a laser-like treatment that helps remove sun damage and age spots. According to Ali, fall is the perfect time to begin or come in for a BBL tune up. Certified surgical technician and aesthetician, Ali Kraus has been with Dr. Capizzi and Stillwater from the very beginning. She knows her stuff!


DR. CAPIZZI – Dr. Capizzi curates the finest assortment of anti-aging products and treatments available anywhere at Stillwater. Yet, the doctor does have a handful of personal favorites. One at the top of his list is JUVÉDERM® XC. JUVÉDERM® is injectable dermal filler that helps beat gravity, facial folds and hollowness. According to Dr. Capizzi, JUVÉDERM® is safe and effective. Patients see immediate and predictably good results. It’s the fountain of youth in a syringe!