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Sasha and Morgan are Capizzi, M.D.’s aestheticians and definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to skincare and the latest must-have products.

We’ve decided to pick their brains about skincare products and treatments they recommend to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer.

Feel free to schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with the girls to see just what they recommend for your skin and get you using some of the best products for your skin.

| Hi ladies! Please introduce yourselves! |

Sasha: “Hi, my name is Sasha and I find joy and passion in helping women feel and look as beautiful as they truly are. The tool I use to accomplish that is medical skin care and therapeutic skin treatments.“

Morgan:  “Hi, My name is Morgan Mangum and I’m a certified medical aesthetician. I love getting to know our beautiful clients and finding out the best skin care regimen to keep them looking and feeling young.“

| What beauty/skincare product is your absolute favorite for summer? |

Sasha:  “I love our ZO C- bright 10% Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C is a wonderful ingredient to keep your skin light and bright, protect against environmental hazards, and help to lighten those pesky brown spots caused by the sun.“

Morgan: “One of my favorite products to use during the summer has to be a broad spectrum UVA/ UVB SPF. Since the sun is one of the leading causes of aging, a broad spectrum SPF will help keep your skin protected from harmful rays and help prevent your skin from attaining premature fine lines and wrinkles.”

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| Share your number 1 skincare tip |

Sasha:  Ladies use your retinols and dermal exfoliants daily!!! Over time, fine lines and wrinkles can be negated and texture becomes soft and milky.

Morgan: “Use an SPF, everyday, year round. A broad spectrum UVA/ UVB SPF will protect you both indoor and outdoors but it best to use a stronger SPF when outside!”

| What treatments should people wanting to improve their skin, be doing regularly? |

Sasha: “BBL Forever young !  It isn’t just a beauty treatment, It’s a preventive regimen- possibly the best investment anyone can make in his or her skin.  It is an anti-aging treatment.  Patients always look younger than before!”

Morgan:  “I recommend good skin care and chemical peels to help improve skin tone, texture, and overall appearance. Chemical peels will help exfoliate dead skin cells while also improving the skin. Keeping you looking young and your skin radiating.”

| Tips and tricks to keep your skin glowing? |

Sasha:  “I recommend a light chemical peel done monthly.  The exfoliation will be a light flaking.  Most people don’t even notice.  It is a great way to keep the skin looking healthy and with a fresh glow.”

Morgan: “I recommend using a Vitamin C to help lighten pigmentation and brighten on overall skin tone. Keeping your skin glowing.”

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