5 Tips for Men Considering Plastic Surgery

Like many women, plastic surgery for men is becoming a more and more popular to enhance their appearance. Men don’t want to look old, tired, or out of shape and often feel helpless when the first signs of aging appear. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction, male breast reduction, and abdominoplasty have all seen significant rises in popularity over the past 5 years.

Despite these increases in popularity, men still do not discuss cosmetic surgery as openly as women do. Thus, it is more difficult finding the information they need to make educated and confident decisions. Dr. Peter Capizzi, a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon, has helped thousands of men look and feel more confident. Here are some tips he has to offer men seeking cosmetic surgery:

1. Do Your Homework

When looking for the right surgeon, it’s important to consider more than just the procedure. Research the surgeon and learn more about their specialties, what do they excel in, and are they board-certified? A board-certified surgeon will have undergone extensive training and will continue to meet strict education standards to maintain certification. Also, think about the specialty of the surgeon you are considering. Are you seeking an abdominoplasty? Looking for a surgeon who specializes in body contouring would yield better results

2. Choose an Experienced Plastic Surgeon for Men

The surgeon you work with should have years of experience with the procedure you’re interested in. The more experience means the more refined their technique from pre-op to recovery. You should be able to get a good idea what to expect in regards to result, scarring, and timeline ahead of your procedure. Before-and-after photos are a great way to get to know the surgeon’s personal style. Are their incisions hidden well? Consider all the options and gather information about your chosen surgeon.

3. Consider Testimonials and Reviews

This is very important when considering plastic surgery for men! Remember to take the testimonials on the website with a grain of salt. Seek additional resources for unbiased reviews of a surgeon’s work. Social media pages or Google reviews can be great sources of unbiased information from others. For a more in-depth medical analysis of a patient’s journey, visit our testimonials page or RealSelf for a more focused review from start-to-finish during a procedure. Lots of positive reviews are a great indicator that the majority of patients are satisfied with their results.

4. Meet Your Surgeon

Next up, schedule a consultation so that you can meet a surgeon at a practice you feel good about. Consider the ease of access to the office, the general atmosphere, and the friendliness of front desk staff. During the consultation, ask your doctor questions regarding the procedure(s) you are interested in. Do you feel comfortable with the doctor? Did they explain the treatment in a manner that was easily understood? Make sure that they are on the same page with your needs and goals. If you don’t feel right about your first consultation, schedule more appointments at other practices until you find the right fit.

5. Keep Your Options Open

Some patients pursue plastic surgery with a specific procedure in mind. Yet, another procedure would be more appropriate for their needs and goals. In some cases, a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments may produce the best outcome. When you choose a qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon, you can rest assured that they will keep your best interests at heart when creating your personalized treatment plan.

If you are a man considering plastic surgery, remember the five tips above and you will be sure to select the very best surgeon for your needs. Dr. Capizzi has helped thousands of men improve their physique and feel more confident in their own skin. To schedule a consultation with him, call our office at 704-655-8988 or fill out our form.