The Capizzi Experience

For many clients, taking the first step towards cosmetic surgery can cause anxiety and hesitation. After all, this decision may be one that involved months or years of research and planning, and one that promises to greatly affect all areas of life, both professional and personal. That’s why choosing the right plastic surgeon is so important. The doctor must not only have the highest credentials in terms of training, experience and skill, but he or she must also be able to create an atmosphere of trust and ease, where patients feel comfortable enough to ask questions, voice their concerns and disclose their deepest dreams for the future of their appearance. Dr. Peter Capizzi fulfills these requirements and many more. His number one focus is on providing an outstanding patient experience from the moment you enter the office until you are happily recovering from your procedure. Below is a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when you book a procedure with Dr. Capizzi:

Step 1: Getting Started.

Browsing the internet, reading about different doctors and procedures, and viewing before and after photographs is a great place to begin your journey towards a new, improved you. The more you read and understand all that is involved with your desired procedure, the more comfortable you will feel moving forward. Knowledge is power, and armed with all the facts, you can safely proceed towards your goals with appropriate expectations.

Step 2: Choosing Your Doctor.

Choosing the right surgeon can make or break your experience and results. It’s imperative that you select a doctor that has undergone the rigorous training, examinations, residencies, and peer reviews that come with board certification. Dr. Capizzi is double board certified, meaning that he has achieved these elite distinctions in both general surgery and cosmetic surgery. He therefore possesses not just the artistry to create truly breathtaking aesthetic outcomes, but also the medical expertise to cope with any complications or unforeseen circumstances that may arise in the operating room. In addition to his credentials, Dr. Capizzi is known for his compassion and empathy. He is a born listener who is present and available to each client he treats.

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Step 3: Scheduling A Consultation.

This is your chance to work with Dr. Capizzi in advance of the actual procedure, so you can get an idea of how he operates, his techniques, preferences, objectives and approach to recovery. The consultation is confidential and discreet, and at no time will the doctor share any of what transpires without your express consent. Partners, spouses, relatives and good friends are always welcome to be present, however. Reviewing photographs together allows both you and the doctor to arrive on the same page, establishing clear visual guidelines for your procedure that you both can agree upon. The consultation is also a time for Dr. Capizzi to review your medical records and past surgeries, carefully investigating how these factors will affect your results. He will also take your measurements so that together you can explore the pros and cons of all the options available to you for improvement. The consultation fee will be completely deducted from your surgery if you proceed with Dr. Capizzi.

Step 4: Formulating A Treatment Plan.

Dr. Capizzi’s clients walk away from their consultation with a clear plan for what to expect from their procedure. Expectations are realistic and aligned with the doctor’s recommendations. For most clients, anxiety has been replaced by a palpable feeling of excitement and anticipation, and the sense that an elusive physical ideal so far out of reach is at long last attainable.

At this stage, Dr. Capizzi’s dedicated Patient Care Coordinator will guide you through every detail of the upcoming surgery, from the type of anesthesia your nurse will use, to the shape and style of your implant (if receiving breast augmentation), to the type of medications available to you for managing postoperative pain. She will also discuss your payment options with you and make sure that you fully understand all your obligations.

Step 5: Preparing For Surgery.

Proper preparation for your procedure can both greatly enhance your outcome and expedite your recovery. You will receive specific instructions from the doctor pertaining to eating, drinking, smoking and medications in the days before treatment. If you are undergoing any type of sedation, you will need to arrange for someone else to drive you home. It is also advisable to ask for assistance with chores and childcare in advance, as after your procedure it may be several days before you are fully ready to return to your normal routine. Refrain from using creams, ointments or lotions on the part of the body where treatment will take place. Also take care to wear loose clothing that can button from the front, so that you don’t have to pull anything over your head. And last but not least, make sure you get a good night’s sleep on the eve of your big day!

Step 6: Arriving On The Day Of Your Surgery.

On the day of your procedure, you must arrive at least 45 minutes early. This will help you to feel calm and grounded, and will give you time to make any last minute arrangements or fill out paperwork. You will find that everything thus far in your experience has been but an intelligent and supportive prelude building up to this exciting moment. Dr. Capizzi’s award-winning medical team, including his surgical nurse, and the nurse anesthetist, will prep you for surgery. All details of your treatment will be confirmed and double checked prior to sedation. On average, most of Dr. Capizzi’s procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, are completed in under an hour and a half.

Step 7: Recovering From Your Procedure.

As sedation wears off and you come to, you may feel disoriented or “heavy chested.” This is perfectly normal, and the doctor as well as his nurses will be on hand to reassure you everything went according to plan. Medical tape and gauze will securely cover any incisions. Dr. Capizzi’s precise surgical skill, honed almost 20 years of successful practice, expedites patient recovery. The doctor does not over operate, believing that a small and focused surgical site facilitates the fastest healing times. Dr. Capizzi’s patients rarely use the narcotic pain medication offered, usually opting for Ibuprofen instead.

Before you are discharged, Dr. Capizzi will ensure that you receive a personalized aftercare plan with specific instructions about how to care for your skin and/or incisions. The plan will also detail when you can expect to begin exercising again, how soon you can expect to see optimum results, and how to cope with any side effects or pain. A spouse, friend or relative is required to drive you home if you received any type of sedation. Plan to spend the balance of surgery day resting. You will see Dr. Capizzi again for your post-operative appointment approximately 4-6 days after your surgery

Patient Stories

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