Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin treatment that makes every patient look like an A-list celebrity. Its purpose is to give your skin an immediate exfoliation for a luminous glow all week long. After your appointment you will notice instantly smoother skin and a more even tone. Most everybody is a candidate for this treatment, but it is also great for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who may have ultra-sensitive skin.

Our Aestheticians often recommend these treatments to anyone thinking about laser treatments or chemical peels, to allow the treatment to penetrate more deeply. A dermaplane can also be conveniently added on to any existing treatment or appointment at our Charlotte office.

What is a Dermaplane?

During a dermaplane treatment, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician gently cleanses the face and neck. Afterwards, they take a scalpel blade and lightly shave the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. This treatment usually takes about 30 minutes in the office and no downtime is required. The only possible side effect is slight redness, which will disappear soon after the treatment.

As an added benefit, dermaplaning also removes any unwanted hair or facial fuzz during the treatment.

How Much Does a Dermaplane Cost?

Depending on where you choose to have your procedure you will notice pricing vary between $100 and $150 per treatment. Explore our Capizzi MD Spa Menu.

Does It Hurt?

Not at all! Our patients find dermaplaning very relaxing. It is important to pick an experienced, skilled provider for your dermaplane needs. After all, they are holding a scalpel to your face.

Curious about dermaplaning and if it might complement your existing skincare routine? Call our office at 704-655-8988 or request to schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with one of our Licensed Medical Aestheticians.

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