What is miraDry®?

MiraDry® is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared answer for significantly reducing underarm sweat. It’s a simple 60-75 min outpatient non-surgical procedure performed in the office of Capizzi, M.D. Cosmetic Surgery and Skincare. There are no surgical incisions or cuts needed for the procedure. miraDry® delivers controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area to eliminate underarm sweat glands and provides permanent reduction of underarm sweat in a completely non-invasive way. Antiperspirants only temporarily disable the sweat glands for varying lengths of time and require repeated use to maintain effectiveness. Surgical options pose inherent risks.

Is miraDry® right for me?

miraDry® is great for those who are experiencing excessive underarm sweat, tired of stains in the underarm areas of their shirts, or want a more natural, toxic-free lifestyle, because they no longer need antiperspirants.

If you no longer want to be embarrassed to raise your arms, ruin your business shirts or blouses, or only wear dark clothing to hide underarm stains, then miraDry® is right for you!


miraDry® FAQ

What is the process?

The MiraDry® process begins with an informative conversation by phone or in person to discuss your concerns and if miraDry® is the right treatment for you. You’ll then meet with our Patient Care Coordinator to talk about scheduling.

At the time of your appointment, a temporary ink stencil is placed on the area to act as a guide for the hand piece, and the area is cleansed and numbed. Next, patients feel a slight pull as their skin and glands are brought closer to the surface of the hand piece, which helps give the patient the best results possible. The final step of the treatment is when miraWave TM energy is delivered destroying the sweat and odor glands. At the same time, a soothing cooling effect is delivered to protect the skin.

Don't I need sweat glands?

While your body does need sweat glands to cool itself, your body has 2-4 million sweat glands – only about 2% are found in your underarms.  Eliminating this 2% of sweat glands does not affect your body’s ability to cool itself. With miraDry, you will experience the many benefits of reducing sweat in the underarm area, but you will continue to sweat in other areas of your body.

How does it work?

miraDry uses thermal energy to create heat in the area where bothersome sweat, odor, and hair glands reside and safely eliminates them.

What results can I expect?

You can expect immediate and lasting results. Once the miraDry treatment eliminates the sweat, odor, and hair glands, they’re gone for good. The treatment is clinically proven to have an average of 82% sweat reduction. As with any aesthetic treatment results, patient results and experience may vary.

How many treatments will I need?

You can see results in as little as one treatment. However, as with any aesthetic treatment, your physician will determine the best protocol for your desired results.

How long does it take?

An office visit appointment will generally last about one hour.

Is there any pain or downtime?

Most patients describe the procedure as painless with little to no downtime. Local anesthesia is administered to the underarms prior to the treatment for patient comfort. Most patients experience little to no downtime and return to regular activity (like returning to work) immediately. Exercise is typically resumed within several days. You may experience swelling, numbness, bruising and sensitivity in the underarm area for several days post-treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Some localized soreness or swelling will occur, and typically clears within a few weeks. Some patients have short-term altered sensation in the skin of their underarms or upper arms, which gradually disappears.

How much does it cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the treatment protocol to achieve your desired results and will be discussed during your consultation.

Why Capizzi, M.D.?

Capizzi, M.D. is now the newest certified miraDry® center in Charlotte. Dr. Capizzi, a double board-certified surgeon expertly trained at the renowned Mayo Clinic, has been helping clients feel their absolute best for almost 20 years. He has a team of knowledgeable, certified, and well-trained nurses and aestheticians to aid in bringing his vision of a practice that treats patients from the inside out, to life.

It is with his attentive, compassionate staff, that he will ensure the beautiful, holistic results you’ve dreamt about but weren’t sure were attainable.

“I have had an issue with excessive underarm sweat for much of my adult life. It seemed to progressively get worse the older I got. I tried every solution possible: from home remedies to other procedures. Nothing worked! After having the Mira-Dry procedure done, I can say my life has truly changed. It is amazing how it has eliminated my sweat and odor problems. Completely erased them! I now feel more confident and never need to worry about my underarms again. Thank you to Dr. Capizzi, his staff and Mira-Dry.”