The Hybrid Breast Augmentation

When considering having a breast enlargement or similar cosmetic procedure, you’ll want to know what the latest and greatest techniques and advancements are before you schedule a consultation. With the newest options available to cosmetic surgeons, you will be able to achieve lasting results with a natural look and feel.

Better Breast Implants

As an FDA co-investigator for Sientra, and with almost 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Peter Capizzi, M.D. has placed over 7,000 Gummy Bear breast implants. These Gummy Bear implants are a 5th generation gel breast implant made of a highly cohesive silicone. They are approved by the FDA and are the safest implant to use during a breast enlargement or similar procedure. In addition to being the safest, they are backed by a lifetime warranty in the case that one were to fail.

When compared to other silicone and saline implants, the Gummy Bear maintains its shape more faithfully over time and with over 100 shapes & sizes to choose from, it offers patients a more natural-looking outcome.

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

Women In Black Bra After Breast Enlargement

The latest innovative procedure at Capizzi, M.D. is the hybrid breast augmentation. This technique delivers a more natural looking result through the use of a smaller implant in addition to fat grafting in the top of the breast. Advantages include fat reduction from problematic areas and by using a smaller implant there is less stretch and pull on the tissues that assist in keeping it in place. This procedure is a one-time surgery lasting approximately 90 minutes. Patients can expect to be back to work within 48 hours.

At Capizzi, M.D. in Charlotte, North Carolina, our doctors are continually involved in educating themselves on the latest techniques available for their patients. From these experiences, they are able to provide the best advancements to their patients in order to improve their experience. Hybrid breast augmentation is one of the advancements in breast enlargement.