Men: Kybella

Kybella for Men

Some men inherit their charm, ingenuity and intelligence from their fathers. Yet others may find that along with those wonderful traits come a few undesirable ones, such as a double chin. This unsightly condition can significantly detract from the masculine profile, causing frustration when one looks in the mirror or sees photographs from the side. Enter Kybella, a miraculous FDA-approved injectable that melts away fat deposits and brilliantly restores definition to the upper neck. Approximately 40% of Kybella clients are now men, who are enjoying not just a more comfortable fit when wearing a jacket and tie, but a huge increase in confidence.

Kybella is made from deoxycholic acid, an agent found naturally in the human body that helps to metabolize fat. Once the doctor injects it into the submental area, fat cells are destroyed and subsequently reabsorbed by the body to be eliminated as waste. Treatment sessions generally run about 30 minutes, and can be repeated every 30 days for the most optimum results. Dr. Capizzi generally recommends 4-6 sessions in total.