Gynecomastia or Male Breast Development can be the result of several factors. Some these factors are more related to timing, as an adolescent male may develop gynecomastia related to hormone exposure during a growth phase; in contrast, an older man might develop excess breast tissue related to weight or medications. While neither of these are exclusive to each age range, both are common causes.

The interest in treating male breast development has grown over the past 10 years and has become a more common interest for consultation. The increased interest is due to a few reasons. The first is that the population as a whole is more comfortable with cosmetic or plastic surgery; second, the male population has gotten heavier; third is there is a growing group of men that are more active and concerned with their appearance and see this as a hindrance to their lifestyle; fourthly, is that there are more treatment modalities available that can correct and improve gynecomastia.

Overweight male children, young adults, and older men make up a significant amount of treated group for male breast  development. At Capizzi, MD we have a doctor supervised weight loss program that helps our patients that are good candidates for treatment become excellent candidates and help turn a good result into an excellent one. Whether it is HCG, exercise, alone or with the use of Phentermine, a person can lose 10-12 lbs. in one month or 15-20 lbs. in two or three months’ time. This will then allow one to become more effectively treated and have a longer lasting result.

Liposuction, a procedure that uses suction to remove fat is most often used to treat this condition. Today liposuction is a procedure done at Capizzi MD most often to finely tune the removal of the male breast tissue that is made up of primarily fat. It is done with a saline solution with numbing medication that allows for easier removal of the tissue and little post procedure discomfort. The most effective liposuction that we have found is that used with the Microaire Power-Assisted system (PAL). The PAL system gently moves the tip of the liposuction cannula and allows for easier more effective removal of the fat. It allows for better, easier contouring and enhances the look, result, and recovery. Our patients go back to work the next day or day after and are most often taking ibuprofen.

Liposuction feathers the outer edges of the breast and sometimes additional excision is needed to remove the tissue directly beneath the breast. A small incision along the areola will allow one to remove the small disc of tissue to achieve a flatter chest and male breast. Liposuction of fat and excision of the breast connective tissue can effectively treat the concern.

Coolsculpting is now used in our office to assist us with treating male breast development. Coolsculpting has been in our practice since 2013 and is effective when paired with the correct patient and condition. In fact, Capizzi MD, published a study in the Aesthetics Surgery Journal 2017 on the use of Coolsculpting when treating breast reconstruction patients to effectively show its use in the removal of fat. This was presented at the American Society of Medical and Laser Medicine Society (ASMLS) meeting the same year.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid and is a chemical in our bile that dissolves fat. When injected it specifically targets fat only and dissolves it. Most need 2-3 treatments, but a single treatment takes about 20 minutes and done in a treatment room. This injectable allows us to finely tune any excess fatty tissue left or if the gynecomastia is a small volume.

Profound treatment from Syneron Candela is an excellent treatment for non-surgical tightening of the facial skin, leg skin above the knee, and arm skin. It can also be used around the breast and is done entirely with a local procedure. Profound is the use of computer directed microneedling with radiofrequency to create heat. This needling and heat causes elastin and collagen to be formed with contraction of the skin. This is a single treatment. Results are seen in 3-4 weeks and continue to improve for up to one year. These results are felt to be permanent and do date do not require retreatment.

At Capizzi MD we utilize the Capizzi Method which optimizes the pre-procedure health of the patient through exercise and weight optimization and post care results with the use of post-procedure massage and care that ensures the best environment to achieve the best most long-lasting result.

We have more options with Gynecomastia (Male Breast Development) than we had 5 years ago, can be more effectively treated, and as a result are seeing and evaluating more men each week for this condition.

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