March Madness is back and in North Carolina we know that’s a big deal. And while I love basketball and rooting on my favorite team (Go Villanova Wildcats!), to me, March Madness also signals that spring and warmer weather are on their way. So men, as you begin stocking up your man cave with beer and chips, and start to reminisce on what you use to look like during college, I want to take this month’s blog and remind you that sitting on the couch snacking away won’t help your Dad Bod. It’s with that in mind, and with March Madness upon us, that I want to share my top four procedures to help get you from Dad Bod to Rad Bod.

1. Injectables

At Capizzi MD, we have a variety of injectables that offer fast results with little to no downtime. KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injectable that melts away fat deposits and brilliantly restores definition to the upper neck. Approximately 40% of KYBELLA® clients are now men.

Then, there is BOTOX®, which has grown in popularity among male clients even to the point of adopting the endearing nickname of “Brotox”. This injection is used to temporarily paralyze the tiny muscles responsible for frown lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet. If you’re looking for a smoother, more youthful facial appearance, go this route!


For any man looking to finally kick their “love handles,” “beer belly,” and “spare tire,” our COOLSCULPTING® makeover is a slam dunk. Most appropriate for clients within 15 pounds of the healthy weight for their height, COOLSCULPTING® can help rid you of the stubborn pockets of fat found around your hips, belly, back, and chest. Offering streamlined pecs, abs, and arms with no incisions and almost no postoperative discomfort, patients can usually check back into their daily game (a.k.a. work or school) the same day as their procedure.

3. Eyelid Lift

Eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty) offers clients vibrant, youthful eyes. Loss of elasticity and weakened muscles around the eyes can add as much as ten years to one’s perceived age. Men who undergo excision of the upper eyelid skin, done in under an hour, under local anesthesia, with a downtime of just 48 hours, see immediate benefits.

4. Solving the Man Boob Dilemma

And now for the Technical Foul of the Dad Bod: the Man Boob. Inherited genes, hormonal imbalances, poor metabolism and aging can all play into a man’s struggle with Gynecomastia – more commonly known as “Man Boob.” For situations where diet and exercise aren’t enough, I often recommend removing excess fat with liposuction or excision. By doing so, clients can begin to experience a trim, firm and more masculine chest and return to normal activities within 48 hours of their procedure.

Remember, whether you are rooting for Duke or cheering on UNC, looking and feeling your best is for everyone – including men. This March Madness, call or email our office about your Dad Bod, and let’s get you closer to your desired Rad Bod.