O ver the past few decades, the medical field has harnessed the unique, concentrated power of laser beams to assist with combating a host of human ailments, from cancer to cataracts. Laser light differs from regular light in that it represents a narrow set of wavelengths converted into highly focused beams. With the assistance of computers, these laser beams allow surgeons to hit their targets with a degree of accuracy impossible to achieve through conventional means, while sparing the surrounding muscle, tissue and nerves. The strength of the lasers can be fine tuned to barely scratch a surface, or slice through the thickest steel. The precision and versatility of laser therapy makes it ideal for the cosmetic field, where it has gradually become a leading modality in the fight against aging.

Why Choose Dr. Capizzi For Laser Therapy?

As one of the leading cosmetic skincare specialists in North Carolina, Dr. Capizzi offers the full spectrum of new laser treatments, including laser hair removal, laser peels and laser skin resurfacing. These treatments represent a safe, nonsurgical means of reducing unwanted wrinkles, scars, blemishes and imperfections on the skin’s surface. Age spots, acne craters and birthmarks also respond excellently to laser therapy.

For almost 20 years, Dr. Capizzi has been single minded in his quest to assemble the sharpest and most credentialed team of talented RN’s, injection specialists and laser technicians to assist him with his goal of providing an outstanding patient experience for every client.

Laser technology:

The doctor uses Sciton’s breakthrough laser technology, which provides patients with the most comprehensive and precise results available. The Sciton laser system delivers faster speeds, greater comfort and more expedited recovery times than any of its conventional predecessors, creating a new standard in client care. Sciton lasers are computer-assisted with automated scanning capacity, ensuring uniform outcomes over large patches of skin. The doctor also employs the Zimmer Chiller, a high powered air cooler that regulates skin temperatures for added patient comfort.

Laser Types And Procedures:


The Sciton system includes a variety of laser types, each of which accomplishes a different cosmetic task. The BBL, or Broadband Light laser, is ideal for addressing skin laxity, freckles, facial spider veins, pigment issues and the negative effects of aging. It is considered one of the most potent treatments on the market for eradicating acne and be used anywhere on the body, not just the face. With BBL, the clinician controls directed pulses of concentrated light with a hand piece, manually directing the beams.

Laser skin resurfacing with erbium — The erbium laser is used for skin resurfacing, which vaporizes the outer damaged layer of skin to reveal a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Its ultra fine laser channels are designed to reach the appropriate depths needed to achieve great results, yet spare the surrounding tissue from unnecessarily harsh side effects or inflammation.

MLP or Nanopeel

Nano Peel and Micro Laser peels can rejuvenate your face, neck and chest with the newest advancements in laser treatments. Enjoy luminous, velvety skin by diminishing wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities (age spots) and acne scars.


Using light energy, laser resurfacing instantly removes skin cells to reveal healthy skin. During a session, the treatment can be described as a tender sun burn feeling.


Following the session, there is minimal social downtime. Most patients can return to normal activities within one day to one week.

Nanopeel and Microlaser peel benefits include:

  • Improvement in skin smoothness
  • Refreshed and even skin tone
  • Improvement of scars
  • Increased collagen production, encouraging tightened healthy looking skin
  • Improvement of the appearance of overall sun damage or age spots
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