Liposuction is often used as a catch-all term to mean general fat removal. However, not all liposuction methods are the same. Continue reading to learn the differences between ultrasonic (Vaser) and power-assisted (traditional) lipo that we offer at Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery.

Firstly, there are a lot of similarities between the two procedures. They are both liposuction techniques, using similar methodology to complete fat removal for patients. They are always completed under general anesthesia in our accredited surgery center. As an outpatient surgery, our patients are able to return home same-day to rest and recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

Okay, so what is traditional liposuction?

There are several different methods such as water, laser, power, or suction-assisted but they all operate in essentially the same way. A small metal tube, called a cannula, is inserted into the treatment area and the fat cells are broken apart and sucked out. Upon awakening, the patient will wear a compression garment to assist in the healing process and develop better results.

What makes Vaser Lipo different?

“Vaser” is an acronym meaning Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy Resonance, which translates to one of the best ultrasonic liposuction systems available. Ultrasound uses sound waves to break apart fat cells. This unique technique targets fat cells only, meaning it can be used to contour a six-pack if desired.

How does Vaser perform better than traditional liposuction?

  • Precision
    Specific, detailed removal of fat deposits leading to better contouring results. It is especially effective in more dense areas.
  • Skin Tightening
    Ultrasound stimulates collagen and elastin production in skin that has been stretched by weight gain. Other liposuction methods do not provide this added benefit.

  • Recovery
    Vaser causes less trauma to treatment areas than traditional liposuction meaning a better, easier recovery for patients.
  • Fat Grafting
    Vaser enables us to have a higher graft take when completing fat grafting or BBL procedures, meaning better results for our patients.

Why use both methods together?

Simple, Vaser provides a unique method of emulsifying the fat deposits the patient wants removed, supplying additional benefits such as skin tightening. Traditional, power-assisted liposuction then can provide debulking of the fat deposits that have been treated with the Vaser.

This technique produces dramatic results, even better than Vaser or Power-Assisted Liposuction on their own.

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