As a cosmetic provider I see a high volume of female patients with various areas of concern.  I am frequently asked by my patients, “what’s your favorite procedure right now?”  For two years now, diVa laser therapy has been in my top three favorite procedures to perform.  Why?  As a clinician I love to see my patients’ ecstatic with their results and diVa has the ability to tremendously improve a woman’s daily life and my patients always love their results!

So, what is diVa laser therapy?

DiVa is a non-surgical method used for vaginal rejuvenation.  The technology uses a hybrid fractional laser to restore normal vaginal function and health.  It is indicated for women who experience stress urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, dryness, discomfort during sexual intercourse, along with many other side effects that may arise from vaginal birth and/or hormonal changes related to menopause.

One of the primary reasons my patients choose to have the diVa procedure is related to stress urinary incontinence.  I have so many patients tell me they avoid exercise and other activities due to the embarrassment of urinary incontinence.  After just one diVa treatment, my patients experience much better urinary control and with two to three total treatments incontinence can be completely resolved.

Childbirth and hormonal changes contribute to vaginal atrophy, dryness, and painful intercourse.  These issues can negatively impact a woman’s confidence, not to mention relationship.  In as little as two weeks post diVa, patients are already seeing improvements in all of these areas.

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There are many pros to choosing diVa for restoration of vaginal health.

DiVa laser therapy is performed with the patient awake and patients can drive themselves to and from the procedure.  You are comfortable during the diVa procedure and it only requires a small amount of topical numbing.  The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.  While at the same procedure, patients can also have a labiaplasty with Dr. Peter Capizzi to improve the external appearance of their vagina!

Myself and Dr. Peter Capizzi have both had extensive training on diVa laser therapy.  Aside from the standard training provided for diVa, we both have successfully completed an advanced diVa preceptorship.  From the extensive knowledge, training, and hands-on-experience we have with diVa, we can provide patients with the highest quality results available in laser vaginal rejuvenation.

With a 98% Realself approval rating, women all over the country are experiencing the amazing results from this procedure!  It’s something I highly recommend to any of my patient’s seeking vaginal rejuvenation!

If you are ready to regain control of your vaginal health, contact us at Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery and Skincare!  We will be happy to schedule you for a consultation for diVa laser therapy!