Here at Capizzi MD, we love patient feedback. It’s become a mantra of sorts lately because, as you may have noticed, Capizzi MD is actively encouraging patient reviews of the practice on Google. Public reviews are important for two reasons. First, they help Dr. Capizzi monitor and improve team performance. Secondly, reviews provide critical information to patients investigating plastic surgery and preventative aging treatments. Readers, reviews are a very serious matter!

But patient feedback and reviews also have a lighter side. Over the holiday weekend, we learned of a “new” body sculpting combination treatment, which Capizzi MD Plastic Surgery may patent. As many of you know, Dr. Capizzi is already a patent holder and a longtime FDA co-investigator. In fact, the doctor’s work contributed to the recent FDA approval of the “Gummy Bear” implant from Allergan. That said, we must admit that this new body sculpting combo treatment has not been FDA approved or scientifically tested. Yet. This breakthrough comes to us anecdotally from two of Dr. Capizzi’s patients on Labor Day holiday.

These patients tell us that the combination of COOLSCULPTING® coupled with hula-hoop therapy has helped them drop pounds and firm up abs. Based on a sample size of two, here’s how it works:

COOLSCULPTING® is a procedure that uses a targeted cooling process to kill fat under the skin. It freezes fat cells, which your body then naturally eliminates as refuse. For many people, it’s a first alternative to a more invasive liposuction procedure. There are NO needles, NO incisions, NO scars and very little downtime. COOLSCULPTING® is painless. Patients tell us they see results in about a three-week timeframe. And, generally, continued positive results as the body disposes of the frozen fat.

Our two vacationing patients report that COOLSCULPTING® + Hula Hooping is the ultimate body sculpting strategy. They even suggest naming it The Capizzi Method. Capizzi MD can take no credit for inventing the hula-hoop or COOLSCULPTING®. According to our patients, the magic is in the mix. Here’s a demonstration: Dr. Capizzi loves feedback. Sometimes it’s light hearted. Sometimes it’s heart felt. For the doctor and the team he has cultivated at Stillwater the critical thing is open dialog and engagement. You might say that’s the Capizzi Method!

Centrifugal energy via the rapid rotation of a tubular device around the waistline, fueled by gyrating hips. Before Pilates, before Core Barre, before crunches, there was the hula-hoop. It should be noted that while COOLSCULPTING® requires NO exertion of energy or skill, both are necessary for a successful hula hooping effort. In short, it’s a bit of a cardio workout and a sense of rhythm is necessary.