It’s an unfortunate fact that injectable lip fillers don’t last forever. How long your results last depends on the thickness of the filler, and the type of material in the formula. Individual metabolism also affects the longevity of your filler results. If this is your first treatment, you will likely see your fillers last longer than if this is your sixth treatment. So, how do you maximize your results and keep your lips nice and plump for longer?

1. Follow The Aftercare

If you just do one thing, do this one! Your injector should give you specific aftercare advice that typically is really simple: Drink plenty of water, ice as needed, and avoid alcohol for 24 hours. These will reduce the chance of any swelling or bruising. If you get any injectables at Capizzi MD, check your email inbox for helpful aftercare reminders after your appointment.

2. SPF

I know that we all TRY to wear sunscreen but is it part of your normal routine? Facial skin is thin and delicate, making it particularly susceptible to strong UV rays on summer days. Drying out and burning of the skin can sap the hyaluronic acid in our skin and, you guessed it, in our filler. Extend your filler results by adding a light sunscreen to your morning routine. We love this Alastin Hydratint: Blends easily, non-greasy, and a tube will last you forever.

3. Eat Well and Drink Water

The more we can stay away from sugar, the better for our fillers. Sugar binds to collagen and elastin and interferes with our ability to keep skin clear and hydrated. It also contributes to inflammation in our body and skin, which can cause fillers to break down more quickly. Cutting down on caffeine and dairy also help to curb inflammation and promote good hydration within our bodies.

4. Use Good Skincare

Although there are some great products available OTC, there are a lot of products that have strange ingredients, some of which can be harmful to skin and overall health. Medical grade skincare lines like ZO Skin Health or Alastin are formulated to work well with Botox and fillers, ask our Licensed Medical Aestheticians what products they might recommend for your skin and skin concerns.

Pro Tip: Medical-grade retinol products boost collagen to keep skin firm and youthful. Adding a retinol to your routine may help you get more amazing results with injectables.

5. Maintenance Appointments

One of the best ways to see long-lasting effects of filler is to actually get more filler. Yes, this might seems like cheating but regular maintenance ensures filler continues to look prominent with no fluctuations in your appearance. This might look like getting less syringes, more often. Rather than getting 3 syringes every 12 months, consider getting 1 syringe every 4 months to maintain your look more consistently over time.

Do you have any questions about lip fillers or how to make them last longer? Our Advanced Nurse Injectors help hundreds of patients decide what is the best filler choice for their lifestyle. Schedule your consultation today with one of our lovely providers by calling us at 704-655-8988 or fill out our form.