Dr. Jennifer Harrington and Dr. Capizzi will meet this summer to discuss COOLSCULPTING® innovation

Here at Capizzi MD, we have COOLSCULPTING® on our collective minds. Maybe because it’s short-shorts and swimsuit season! This month, Dr. Capizzi has approved a very special offer: a FREE, no-risk, no-obligation COOLSCULPTING® private consultation with one of his team of experts.

Dr. Capizzi and team have carefully studied and trained in COOLSCULPTING® techniques to offer patients exceptional results. Stillwater is fully accredited by Zeltiq, the maker of COOLSCULPTING®. Dr. Capizzi also partners with leading surgeons throughout the country to develop COOLSCULPTING® best practices.

As an example, later this summer, Dr. Capizzi will meet with Dr. Jennifer Harrington, a leading Minneapolis plastic surgeon, to collaborate on further COOLSCULPTING® technique innovation. Dr. Harrington is also a former resident of Dr. Capizzi, having studied under him at Mayo Clinic as she completed her training.

Dr. Capizzi’s patients are informed and intelligent. We know you do your homework! For those of you investigating COOLSCULPTING®, there’s something we’d like you to know. While COOLSCULPTING® is available elsewhere in Charlotte, no other practice can deliver the Capizzi MD outcomes: discernible, measurable reduction of fat in a timeframe that outpaces others in the field. And this is why Dr. Capizzi is offering free private consultations this month. He wants to give patients an opportunity to discuss COOLSCULPTING® with an expert – no strings attached. As we’ve taken to saying, there’s nothing to lose but fat!