FAQ: “Can I Have Breast Implant Surgery Before Having Children?”

Dr. Capizzi often sees women who opt for breast augmentation surgery after their families are complete. With no additional pregnancies planned and nursing days (and nights) behind them, many Charlotte moms seek to restore and even improve upon their pre-pregnancy shape. This speaks to the popularity of the Mommy Makeover, an expertise of Dr. Capizzi’s. For the uninitiated, Mommy Makeover is a combination of surgeries, unique to every patient. A Mommy Makeover may include breast lift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Today, Dr. Capizzi counsels patients on the merits of liposuction and even CoolSculpting before tummy tuck is considered. At Capizzi MD, we’re all about customizing solutions.

HALO treatment before and after showing the increase in skin smoothness of the face.
HALO treatment before and after showing the reduction in redness on the face.

But we digress! The subject of today’s blog is women considering breast implant surgery NOW, who fully expect to have children in the future. They come to Dr. Capizzi with two big questions. Maybe they’re on your list too.

#1 “I Hope to be a mom in the future. Can I proceed with Breast Implant Surgery before I have children?”

Absolutely, yes. Breast implant surgery is not incompatible with pregnancy. What’s important to remember is your breasts are always changing. Pregnancy and nursing effect breast shape – with or without implants – as do weight fluctuations, medical history and the collective effect of gravity over time. Just one caveat from Dr. Capizzi. He advises that if you are actively trying to get pregnant or will be breastfeeding within the next year, waiting is the best option.

#2 “If I have Breast Implant Surgery now, will I be able to breastfeed in the future?”

In most all instances, breastfeeding with implants is not an issue. Dr. Capizzi almost always recommends breast implant placement under the pectoral muscle – as do most board-certified plastic surgeons. With sub-muscular placement, nipple and breast glands and ducts are not directly impacted. Dr. Capizzi would also advise an inframammary incision at the breast crease rather than the periareolar incision placement – to mitigate any chance of changes in nipple sensation or function. For many moms and babies, breastfeeding is a true bonding experience. Breast implants won’t get in the way.

At Capizzi MD, we cultivate personal relationship with our patients. You may have noticed, that all the women shown on capizzimd.com are real patients, not hired models. Here’s what one patient, Becca, told us back in the spring of 2012:

“I wanted a breast augmentation for years and years. I am not doing this for someone else. I don’t need this to be comfortable with myself. Kids and marriage are not a thought right now. Why wait? I want to enjoy it while I can. I was serious about the surgery, but I’d never gone to a consultation. It’s time. I thought – I’m going to be 26. Finding Dr. Capizzi made all the difference.”

Becca’s confident choice inspires us. She’s not checked back with us lately, but if her life journey is taking her to motherhood, we know breast implants will not get in the way of that joyous experience.

We have to believe that if you’ve followed us to the end of this blog, you’re thinking about implants now and babies later. Please know that, like Becca, you can get the shape you covet now and be a breastfeeding mom later. Change is a constant and your breasts will continue to change throughout your life. What’s next? We hope the blog has been helpful, but nothing replaces a one-on-one with Dr. Capizzi to get all your questions answered. Reach out at 704-655-8988.