Breasts. When women consider their body image, breasts are often at the top of the list. Motherhood, aging, significant weight change, augmentation gone wrong or just dissatisfaction with what nature provided – all have an impact on a woman’s self-confidence. And when it comes to making a change, there are a lot of questions to ask!

Great news – double board-certified Dr. Peter J. Capizzi of Capizzi MD, Charlotte, NC’s preeminent medical center for plastic surgery and aesthetics, has the answers to all of your breast questions. Based on The Capizzi Method™, an approach to providing world-class cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments and procedures to ensure patients achieve optimal results, here are Dr. Capizzi’s insights on the three most common breast concerns he hears from patients:

1. Natural looking, larger breasts: I’m interested in implants, but I don’t want my breasts to look fake – is that possible?

Says Dr. Capizzi: “I recommend the “Gummy Bear” implant. The teardrop shape and gummy bear-like texture results in the most natural-looking augmentation available. I’ve published research on this implant and performed over 1,700 of these surgeries.”

According to Dr. Capizzi, “Gummy Bear” implants may also be a great option for women unhappy with a past augmentation. “”I’ve performed many breast revisions for patients not satisfied with the size, shape, symmetry or placement of their implants; when the implants have ruptured or leaked; when a significant amount of weight has been lost; or when a patient has suffered from breast cancer, there are new implants and surgical techniques that I use to achieve natural results.””

2. Post Pregnancy Breast Shape: Pregnancy and nursing have left me with sagging breasts. How can I get my pre-motherhood breasts back? And what “fixes” will still allow me to nurse? 

Dr. Capizzi says the first step is to find a surgeon who really listens and has the experience to recommend the right procedure for your needs. “”For example, when I perform breast implant surgery on moms, I use a “nipple-sparing” technique that preserves breastfeeding capabilities. My patients can look forward to getting pregnant either immediately or in the future.””

Having a mastopexy, or a breast lift, can dramatically alter your profile, reviving breast firmness and perkiness. And breast fat enhancement injections are an especially good fit for women over 30 experiencing decreased elasticity and sagging, or who may have had more than one pregnancy.

3. Reducing Breast Size: My large breasts have been a source of pain and self-consciousness for years. No matter how fit I am, they stay the same size! What can be done? 

“First, know you’re far from alone. Many women find that a mammaplasty, or breast reduction, can be a lifesaving operation that alleviates years of physical pain, self-consciousness and fatigue,” says Dr. Capizzi. “It’s important to realize that many women are genetically predisposed to large cup sizes, which means diet and exercise may have little effect. Breast reduction can be combined with other procedures; my approach is to hold a consultation with each patient to determine the best type of procedure (or combination) after carefully considering their cup size, medical health and goals.”


About Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, M.D.

A nationally renowned, widely published leader in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Peter J. Capizzi is regarded as the preeminent choice for surgeries and cosmetic procedures of the breast and body. He has performed over 7,000 breast augmentations, with a patient satisfaction rate of over 90 percent, including over 1,700 of the innovative “Gummy Bear” shaped implants.

He is the creator of the Capizzi Method™, an approach to providing world-class cosmetic surgery, aesthetic treatments and procedures to ensure patients achieve optimal results.

Dr. Capizzi completed his plastic surgery training at the renowned Mayo Clinic and is double-board certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery. Since 2012, he has been named “Charlotte’s Top Doctor” annually, based on peer surveys, by Charlotte Magazine.