Patients of Dr. Peter J. Capizzi and Stillwater Plastic Surgery have one thing in common. Regardless of age, Dr. Capizzi’s patients do not fear the passage of time. Like Dr. Capizzi, they believe in beauty at every age. Birthdays are cause for great celebration. To mark the tenth birthday of Stillwater Plastic Surgery, Dr. Capizzi is doing something he rarely does: look back.  Dr. Capizzi is offering expert observations on the top ten advances in plastic surgery and preventative aging in the last decade. Let’s kick it off with the first advancement on the doctor’s top ten list ….


#1 GUMMY BEARS “The recently FDA-approved, fifth-generation cohesive gel breast implant from Sientra and Allergan, informally known as the Gummy Bear, is opening up new and better options to women undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy. The textured, teardrop shaped Gummy Bear is a game-changer for reconstructive breast surgery patients, resulting in better, more natural outcomes and reduced downtime. Surgical technique is very important. The best plastic surgeons are embracing the Gummy Bear breakthrough and undergoing training to offer this best-of-class implant to patients.” Dr. Peter J. Capizzi


Again, this is the first of ten! Stay tuned for more insight and observation!