Hello and thank you so much for coming to Capizzi MD as a place of knowledge and support. As a long-time (20+ years) user of injectables and in the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have found this question comes up often with patients.

When can I get filler after being vaccinated?

After consulting with my boards, the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Society of American Plastic Surgeons, I have developed this recommendation.

Currently there is a lot swirling the media about COVID-19 vaccinations and the timing of getting fillers.

There have been 3 incidents of transient facial swelling of HA fillers out of 15,000 people. (incidence rate is 0.002%) Swelling resolved with use of antihistamine and steroids.

It has also been reported that none of the cases are Juvederm® or Restylane products. (We only use Juvederm® at Capizzi MD).

Both of the boards mentioned above are monitoring the situation and we will update this response as needed to align with their recommendations.

For now, our recommendation is to wait at a minimum of 7 days after either dose of the COVID-19 vaccine before receiving hyaluronic acid filler.

Thank you again, we are doing our very best to keep our patients safe and healthy!

– Dr. Peter Capizzi