We’ve seen CoolSculpting® on the commercials, we’ve heard about it on the radio. We all know what CoolSculpting® is, so how come our results look so much better?

It is because we won’t settle for less with our patients. We want you to feel great and look great, and that why we developed the CoolSculpting® Stacking technique that would revolutionize the treatment for our patients. Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery & Skincare was one of the first treatment centers in Charlotte, North Carolina and we have been perfecting it from day one!

The CoolSculpting® Cycle

Let’s start at the beginning: CoolSculpting® is sold in “cycles” or 35-minute treatments that are administered via the machine in our office.

When you come in for a consultation, our providers will assess your areas of concern and give you a number of cycles we recommend to lose that fat. The average person needs 4-8 cycles per area to get the results they want.

If you’ve gone to another place for CoolSculpting®, they have likely told you that you will need to get one cycle, then return in six weeks for another cycle, until you have your desired results.

A major flaw in this design is that you won’t have the results you want until many months later (CoolSculpting® results peak at 3 months post-treatment) or you may not be able to return on time making your first treatment a waste of energy and hard-earned money.

CoolSculpting® Stacking Was Born

Dr. Capizzi wasn’t convinced this was the best way to treat a patient and deliver results. So he partnered with one of his colleagues, Dr. Jennifer Harrington, from the Mayo Clinic to co-author a study on improving CoolSculpting® treatment technique to optimize results. From this study, we have what we call “CoolSculpting® stacking.”

At Capizzi MD, we “stack” our cycles for all our patients. This is where we administer ALL the cycles you are prescribed at one time. Here is why we believe that stacking is the better way:

  1. One appointment is all you need to get your desired results, no need to return in three months for additional appointments.
  2. By treating and re-treating in close proximity, Drs. Capizzi and Harrington noticed that you actually treat nearby areas of fat as well to improve contour and actually get better results.
  3. Patients see results more quickly. Usually within a few weeks and peak results at 3 months post-treatment.

Choosing A CoolSculpting® Provider

You will want to choose a facility with certified CoolSculpting® providers who have attended CoolSculpting® University (yes, there’s a school for this!). Feel free to call them to ask about CoolSculpting® and see if they offer the stacking method for their patients (not everyone does). At your consultation, make note of how clean and organized the facility is, how friendly the staff members are, and how well your CoolSculpting® provider is able to answer your questions.

These few steps will help ensure that you have chosen the perfect provider for your needs. We encourage you to visit facilities that are supervised by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon as they are able to guide their providers using expert advice and are available on-site for any questions that you may have as their patient.

Interested in learning more about CoolSculpting® at Capizzi MD? Schedule your complimentary consultation by clicking here or call us at 704-655-8988.