charlottewithkids1Charlotte Smarty Pants has turned the tables on Dr. Capizzi. Normally, Dr. Capizzi does the interviewing, but Dr. Capizzi was on the receiving end of a Q&A with the Smarty Pants team. Stillwater Plastic Surgery has officially joined the ranks of Charlotte Smarty Pants and is a proud 2014 supporter. As you’ll see, it was an easy decision. Dr. Capizzi is a Smarty dad! Read on….

SMARTY PANTS: It’s always interesting to learn about how people get started. Why plastic surgery? Was this your dream profession as an 8-year old?

DR. CAPIZZI: I was all over the place as a kid – like most kids. Let me explain how extreme it was. First, I really did want to be a doctor. I grew up in a medical family. I saw how science could help make people’s lives better. Now at the same time, I wanted to be an artist. I was a creative kid. I loved drawing and sketching. My Play-Dough sculptures were impressive. Etch-A-Sketch, too. Don’t get me started.

SMARTY PANTS: So how did you adjust course and become a surgeon.

DR. CAPIZZI:  Well, as I think about it, the adjustment was very natural and easy. In the world of plastic surgery – and especially in my areas of expertise … breast and body contouring and slowing the signs of aging  – there is both a medical/scientific component and an aesthetic/artistic one. Both are so important. I guess I combined my two boyhood aspirations.

SMARTY PANTS: I see where you’re going. Can you give me an example?

DR. CAPIZZI:  Absolutely. Cosmetic breast surgery can help tell the story. This is an aesthetic decision. Most of my patients are interested in an enhanced natural look. Pregnancies and nursing affect breast tissue, both shape and profile. My patients often want to restore – and very often even enhance – pre-pregnancy breast volume. The personal consultation with me is critical. We discuss the woman’s needs and wants. Breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. I listen, engage and “shape,” if you will, the best recommendations. Of course, surgery is a serious matter. And the best medical care must support aesthetic decisions. Since completing medical school, residencies and board certifications, I’ve been in practice for over fifteen years. I am an expert breast surgeon. Let me give you a specific example of why experience and technique are so important. Because my surgical skill is honed, most breast augmentation patients resume everyday activities in about a week’s time with Advil for pain management. Most are back to workouts in about two weeks.

Smarty Pants caught up with Dr. Capizzi at his Myers Park office

Smarty Pants caught up with Dr. Capizzi at his Myers Park office

SMARTY PANTS: So what’s all the chatter I hear about the Gummy Bear? I forbid my children from eating these, but I hear some buzz about Gummy Bears and breast surgery.

DR. CAPIZZI:  Ahh, the Gummy Bear question! Gummy Bear is a nickname for the newest, most advanced cohesive silicone gel breast implant. It’s an amazing advancement. I mentioned that most of my patients are interested in natural, personalized look … Gummy Bear implants can be customized in many different sizes and shapes, including teardrop, much like natural breast tissue.

SMARTY PANTS: So why do I hear you are the Gummy Bear doctor in Charlotte?

DR. CAPIZZI:  I guess that might raise a few questions! Well, Gummy Bear implants were just FDA approved in 2013. But I have been part the FDA investigation that supported the approval for a decade. I’ve placed over 500 Gummy Bear implants. Special technique is absolutely required. Experience makes a difference. I’m the only surgeon in Charlotte – and one of the few nationally – with this kind of expertise. Ergo, the funny nomenclature.

SMARTY PANTS: So do you have any special Stillwater Plastic Surgery recommendations for Smarty Moms?

DR. CAPIZZI: Yes and no! First every woman is unique, so if you mean recommendations in terms of procedures, no. I would say, make an appointment for a personal consultation. Whether the area of interest is preventative aging, breast surgery, body profiling – even the Mommy Makeover – we will offer honest answers and great medical care.

SMARTY PANTS: Okay, you said YES and no, so what’s the YES part of the answer? What recommendations can you make for Smarty moms?

DR. CAPIZZI:  Well, this is an informed and very intelligent community of women, so these ideas are probably apparent. I’ll say though, that if you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure, do your homework, consider only double-board certified surgeons, ask lots of questions and be sure you are undertaking surgery for the right reasons – to be your best self for YOU.


Meet Hannah: wife, mom and entrepreneur. Also a real-life patient on Dr. Capizzi's website

Meet Hannah: wife, mom and entrepreneur. Also a real-life patient on Dr. Capizzi’s website

SMARTY PANTS: Our first introduction to you was through your website. Honestly, it just blew me away. Tell me why you show only real patients on the website.

DR. CAPIZZI:  Great question. Really, most plastic surgery websites use stock photography of flawless and probably retouched models. So it’s not REAL. My practice is grounded in reality. About helping women become their best selves – not somebody else. It was a natural decision to let real Stillwater patients tell their stories.

SMARTY PANTS: Okay, I think our readers would like to know you better personally, so let’s put the doctoring aside. What do you do in your free time?

DR. CAPIZZI:  What free time? I’m a Smarty Dad. First, I am married to one of the most brilliant physicians I know – my wife of 23 years Michelle Capizzi. She is an ER pediatrics doctor here in Charlotte. We have an energized gaggle of five children, ages 11 through 21. In our so-called free time, Michelle and I are pretty much full-on into parenting, but we make time for fitness, travel, and even an occasional date night.

SMARTY PANTS: Why did you put your hand up to join the Smarty Pants community?

DR. CAPIZZI:  In a way, there was no “joining.” As a medical professional and as a person, I simply am part of the community. Today, I’ll just add that for myself, my family and Stillwater Plastic Surgery, I’m simply delighted to be a more active supporter!

Dr. Capizzi left and Dr. Capizzi right. Michelle Capizzi, M.D., is an ER pediatrics specialist. What a couple of Smarties!

Dr. Capizzi left and Dr. Capizzi right. Michelle Capizzi, M.D., is an ER pediatrics specialist. What a couple of Smarties!