Celebrate Capizzi MD’s 20th Anniversary!

Congrats on your 20 year anniversary Dr. Capizzi and the staff I just am so stoked for Dr. Capizzi himself. I really admire him and I just love his energy, I love working for him and my coworkers and I are his biggest fans and wishing you well.

Congrats Dr. Capizzi on 20 years of business! I have been here for only three of those but I really have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and congrats!

I can’t believe that Capizzi MD has been around for 20 years. I have been here for two and half years and I can’t wait for many more. It’s been amazing working here.

Congratulations to my partner Dr. Capizzi on his twenty years in practice here at Capizzi MD. I’m really excited to see where we take this the next few years!