What They Are, How They Help, and Why We Are Offering Them At Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery

Ultrasounds have been around for quite some time now and have been very useful in other aspects of medicine. That said, their presence in cosmetic surgery is fairly new. It is anticipated that later this year the FDA will recommend that women with breast implants begin scheduling a breast implant ultrasounds every 5 years post-operatively, and then continue to have those scans every 2 years to monitor the health of their implants. A breast ultrasound can help a physician determine if an implant is intact or if it has ruptured, it can also help to determine what type of implant is present if a patient isn’t sure. At Capizzi MD, we also use the ultrasound device to help monitor breast implant health while a patient is healing to detect any complications at an early stage.

Normally, an implant ultrasound would have to be scheduled at an imaging center. This seemed like an unnecessary hurdle for our patients to maintain the health of their breast implants. This is why we have started offering breast implant ultrasound at our office, under the care of Dr. Peter J. Capizzi, double board-certified plastic surgeon.

Continue reading to get his take on providing this service to our patients:

Enhancing a woman’s body and their self-image is a personal endeavor that I have been involved with for the past 20 years. Since beginning my career I have placed an estimated 10,000 breast implants and believe my experience gives me a unique perspective. Seeking cosmetic surgery is a woman’s choice to pursue and I am proud to join many women on their journey to their ideal physique. As a double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with additional Fellowship training in Cosmetic Breast and Body Contouring, I have extensive expertise in all things breast implants. Through breast implant ultrasound services, we are enabling our patients to stay within our practice and to have any of their questions answered by me, the breast implant expert.

In the 1990’s, some women had concerns regarding their breast implants but the new industry had little to no data. Now, thirty years later, we work with the fifth generation Gummy Bear silicone gel breast implants. This amazing progress is due to physicians working alongside implant manufacturers to help them conduct research and ensure continued safety for our patients. These are the implants we choose to use daily at Capizzi MD Cosmetic Surgery because we believe they are the best the industry has to offer.

However, not everyone has those implants. Many women have implants that were placed 30, 40, and even 50 years ago. These women come from all over the United States and even the world to come see me for a consultation.

Their usual questions for me are:

  • Are my implants doing okay?
  • Should I do anything about them?
  • I don’t remember what type I have, can you help me find out?
  • I heard you should have them replaced, is this true?
  • I saw this group on social media and I’m worried, do I need to be?

With a thorough questioning and exam with the patient, I can usually share my knowledge and give my advice. With our GE Logiq E Ultrasound device, I can further assist our patients in finding out more about their implants while also giving them the peace of mind that as their cosmetic surgeon I am being proactive and doing everything I can to stay on the cutting edge of this industry. Through studying breast implants, we can give decisive information to our patients and inform them of outcomes based in science and medicine.

In my practice, if you are a patient of mine, I will ultrasound your breast implants for no charge because we believe there is no price on peace of mind.


Dr. Peter J. Capizzi

Interested in learning more about FDA recommendations for breast implants?

Go to the FDA website and read further. These recommendations are liable to be changed at any time and we will post updates as they do. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to get a breast implant ultrasound, please contact our office at 704-655-8988 or fill out our form. Please note that you do not have to be a current patient of Dr. Capizzi to receive this service. We are here to assist all patients as needed in our industry.