Can Breast Implants Give Me More Cleavage?

Many patients, when asked why they’re interested in breast implants, say they want more cleavage. The volume, shape, and projection of the upper part of the breast – known as the “upper pole” – can be improved with a breast augmentation. When this is the goal and patients have found the perfect surgeon, they will notice that having more fullness in the upper pole can improve the perkiness of the breast AND provide more cleavage. Read on to learn more about how surgeons can create cleavage and how to maintain cleavage and results for longer.

Go Gummy: Breast Augmentation to Improve Cleavage

The most obvious way to improve your cleavage is to increase breast size. Oftentimes a High Profile implant is recommended as it provides the most projection, which can contribute to upper pole fullness. There are some differences between implants that are often used by surgeons.

Silicone and saline refer to what an implant is filler with. Silicone implants are filled with – you guessed it – silicone! The silicone implants we use at Capizzi MD are called “gummy bear” implants. This means that if you cut the implant in half, the silicone gel would stay in place like the inside of a gummy bear candy would.

Gummy Bear implants are the newest type of silicone breast implants on the market. This superior fifth-generation gel implant is well known for its cohesion, shape, and supple texture that mimics the natural contour and feel of the breast. These implants are excellent in creating volume at the top AND bottom of the breast. They are also safer as they have lower rates of complications and ruptures!

Saline implants have a silicone shell filled with sterile saline. These implants tend to be a bit heavier and create more volume at the bottom of the breast. Increased volume at the bottom of the breast can create a more natural look, but saline implants pose greater risk of complication than their silicone friends. If a saline breast implant ruptures, the implant will deflate quickly – causing the affected breast to change in size and shape. Your body will absorb the leaking saline solution without health risks, but you will need to have the silicone shell removed.

Female Doctor Showing Mammary Prosthesis In Doctors Office

Breast Augmentations Cannot Always Create Cleavage

Yes, there are some limits to the above discussion. Breast implants cannot always create desired cleavage but your surgeon should be able to recommend additional treatments or procedures to assist in creating your desired look. There are some reasons for this:

1. You had saline/large implants in the past: Because saline implants are a bit heavier and less cohesive, they tend to settle closer to the sides of the torso over time. Same with larger silicone implants. The amount of space between the breasts created by this shift is called a “breast gap.”

2. Your natural breasts are far apart: Surgeons are limited by the natural breast border and the best aesthetic look is when breast implants are placed with the nipple at the center. There is no surgery to move the breasts closer together but sometimes breast fat grafting can assist in filling in the middle line to improve cleavage.

3. Age and Skin Laxity: As we age, so does our skin! Over time the skin and tissue in our chests lose collagen and elastin needed to create the tightness needed to create cleavage. This can be easily combated with a HALO laser treatment for the decolletage or the placement of an internal bra during revision surgery.

How to Maintain Beautiful Cleavage

Breast implants can be a significant investment. We certainly do not want you to feel obligated to revise your implants every ten years and want you to have the best results for as long as possible. Here are a few ways to maintain your results for longer:

1. SPF: Protect Your Breasts

As we age, the decolletage is one of the first areas that can show signs of sun exposure. This UV exposure can affect the collagen and elastin in our skin. Investing in a medical-grade sunscreen and applying it daily can make all the difference over time. And what’s one more skincare product in your routine when it protects your cleavage? Visit our online store to see what SPF we have in stock!

2. HALO Laser Treatments

This is one of the MOST popular ways of maintaining skin and tissue after sun exposure. One of the reasons this is so popular is that it is a great fit for almost every skin type. This treatment removes sunspots, fine lines, and other indications of UV damage, in just one treatment.

3. Upgrade your implants

As we age, breasts with and without implants change in shape and size. Desire for a change is one of the most popular reasons for having a breast revision. Maybe you had an augmentation before having children and your breasts have changed throughout pregnancy. Or, perhaps you are experiencing changes involving older, saline implants – such as rippling, sagging, or rupture. Or, perhaps you just want a different look like more cleavage or bigger.

As techniques and technology evolve, some women may wish to “upgrade” to the newest and most versatile style of implants. Dr. Capizzi is an FDA-appointed co-investigator for Allergan’s fifth-generation cohesive gel Gummy Bear implants as well as a co-investigator for Sientra and their line of implants, making him among the top breast revision authority. The Gummy Bear implants provide the greatest longevity in holding shape. He has helped hundreds of women to redefine and rejuvenate their silhouettes.

If you feel like you are interested in exploring options to create more cleavage, maintain your existing breast look, or have questions about how these options might be a good fit for your needs, give our office a call at 704-655-8988 to request your consultation.